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What size should my centerpieces be for my wedding?

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centerpiecesizeWhen considering how big is big enough for floral for your reception tables, we take into consideration how many people will be seated at the table. This is example of a low and lush design in both a small and medium scale. 
Small arrangements are perfect for sweetheart tables, accent flowers on the cabaret tables at the reception, but get lost on big 60 inch dinner tables which are more suited for medium or large arrangements. 

Want to learn more about what the perfect size centerpiece would be for your wedding? Call us to schedule your no-obligation consultation.  414.272.2234 

Is moving your houseplants outside in the summer months a good idea?

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After a long winter indoors in Milwaukee, we all yearn for a little fresh air and sunshine outside. Most plants benefit from some warm sun and soft rains, but there are a few things to keep in mind when moving your household plants outside this summer.

“Furry” plants should stay inside.  If the plant has leaves that are velvety in texture (such as an African violet) then they are better off indoors. Their delicate leaves can be damaged by moisture or hard rains, and it’s too much stress on them to be outside.

Make the move gradually. It can be a shock to your plant if it goes from a relatively stable environment to full sun. Instead, move it outside in a well-protected shaded area that will get limited or dappled sunlight so your plant can adjust slowly. If it threatens to get below 55 degrees, bring them in for the night as most house plants hail originally from tropical locations and cold temps will shock them and potentially kill them. Cactus and succulents are a bit more hearty and don’t mind full sun, but a gradual move is never a bad idea.

Wind+Rain. Wind can be very damaging to plants, especially tender houseplants that are used to living indoors. Strong winds can dry out soil, or snap leaves and stems. The same goes for heavy rain, as downpours can drown the plants roots and batter leaves. Never water outdoor houseplants with the strong, forceful cold water from your hose; instead use a watering can with temperate water and don’t forget to fertilize about every 3 weeks.

Pests and Pets. Keep an eye on pets who might dig or knock over plants, and pests that will attack the plant itself. It’s a good practice to check on houseplants that are kept outside daily to check to see if there is any wilting, brown spots,  or white powdery spots that indicated mildew. Make sure the soil is a rich brown in color and is kept moist.

Move them back gently.  Just as you acclimated them to the outdoors, acclimate them back to their inside positions reducing the sunlight they get outside a little every day.

Belle Fiori carries both green plants and indoor blooming plants and we are always happy to help you choose the right plant for your home.  Stop in and visit us 8-5:30 PM Monday through Thursday, Friday’s 8-6 and Saturdays 8-3 or call 414.272.2234.



Carnations…love them or hate them?

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Carnations are beautiful!


Carnations are historically a flower that represented love and affection. However, it’s not unusual for people to say “No Carnations!” when they order an arrangement. At Belle Fiori we feel Carnations need a better PR agent, and we are here to share our love for this frilly, fragrant, frugal flower.

Emily Neubauer, owner of Belle Fiori says:

“People have a dislike for carnations because usually receive one stem, with no greenery from a gas station wrapped in cellophane. Another complaint is that they break easily. Flowers, like lots of things have different grades.  And as you can imagine, the cheaper flowers like those from a gas station are not of the highest quality and are probably not properly cared for and kept hydrated, so they break easily. When you have good carnations, they have a beautiful, lush, velvety texture. When mixed with more premium flowers, they can add depth and dimension to an arrangement”

Frilly: Carnations vary in size from charming button size to large blooms, and most carnations have 40 or more petals on them which gives them a plush feel. They also come in a dazzling array of colors from solids to two tones. We’ve often had people mistake very full carnations for peonies, a much more premium flower.

Fragrant: Depending on the variety, carnations can have a soft smell of cloves or cinnamon. It’s very subtle, not as strong as a garden rose but still quite lovely.

Frugal: It’s true that carnations are a less expensive flower. But they are hearty, long lasting and can add volume and interest to any arrangement.

The next time you send a floral arrangement, don’t be afraid to have carnations included!

Unadorned Magazine

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Some amazing photos to share today from a styled shoot with Unadorned Magazine team. Being a part of these collaborations serves as an inspiration to our designers, the coordinators, photographers, models and stylists.  A vision is born, and then the fun begins…the feeling, theme and story unfolds.



Jaxx Taylor Boutique Unadorned_Bellefiori1 Unadorned_Bellefiori2

You can purchase Unadorned here

Photographed at South Second, the inspiration team :  Relics, Twin Lens Weddings, Et Voila Events, Makeup by L. Hiatt, Jaxx Taylor Boutique, Plume, Rachel Keppeler Designs, Yield Bakehouse, Paper Goodiez.

Great Gift Items from Belle Fiori For Administrative Professionals Day

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Wednesday April 26 is Administrative Professionals day, the day we recognize the work of administrative assistants, receptionists, secretaries and all other administrative support professionals.  If you have someone in your life who you routinely say “I couldn’t do it without them!” then they are a perfect person to send something to for Administrative Professional Day.  Belle Fiori has gift items as well as beautiful flower arrangements perfect for delivery to the office to show them how much they are appreciated.


We might be biased, but we can’t think of anyone who doesn’t like receiving flowers.  If you would like them to enjoy the flower all week long we can deliver on Monday or Tuesday so they can enjoy them at their desk as well as when they take them home.

A colorful fresh floral arrangement from Belle Fiori, LTD


If you want something a little more long lasting, we have many different plants to brighten up their day.  Lush and verdant green plants, blooming plants, dish gardens, terrariums are just a few of the designs we can deliver for you.

Dish garden with assorted plants at Belle Fiori


Blooming phalaenopsis orchids at Belle Fiori

Local Chocolates

A great add on gift is a box of local chocolates from Ultimate Confections. Available in half pound or full pounds to share with co-workers.

Ultimate Confections chocolate is available at Belle Fiori

Gift Items

James Steno is a local artist that produces some really unique and beautiful prints of our fair city. We have framed prints and cards to delight someone who is 414 proud!


Available in many different scents, we love these Eco soy-based candles for their light smell which doesn’t overpower a room.  They also burn clean, with no soot or smoky residue around the jar.

Eco soy candles available in many scents at Belle Fiori

We also have some adorable spring themed gift items such as scarves, notepads and seasonal umbrellas.

Spring Gift items at Belle Fiori

We are happy to help you choose a perfect gift!  Just pick up the phone and call us, we are here to help!  Belle Fiori can deliver your Administrative Assistant gift anywhere in Metro Milwaukee. 414.272.2234


Field to Vase: Belle Fiori’s Partnership with Sustainable Flower Farms

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Belle Fiori's partner farm in northern Wisconsin provides heirloom flowers in a field to vase movement

One of the sure signs of spring here at Belle Fiori isn’t just the arrivals of daffodils and hyacinths, it’s the arrival of the farm van full of flowers from our partner farm in Cecil, Wisconsin. “The farm van is here, the farm van is here!” the delighted designer’s crow, as they inspect the beautiful heirloom blooms that will be added to bouquets for brides and for floral arrangements that will be delivered all over Milwaukee WI.

belle fiori designer chooses heirloom flowers for floral arrangments
The Field to Vase Movement
As we all move to leave a smaller carbon footprint on the earth, buying local can significantly reduce fuel and travel time for flowers. While our climate doesn’t allow for growing tropical flowers, many flowers bloom during our summer and fall season and are grown here from approximately April to November. Our partnership with sustainable flower farms means fresher, healthier and more vibrant blooms that make stunning floral arrangements that Belle Fiori is known for in Milwaukee.

French lavender, dusty miller and orange ranunculus are some of the favorites of the Belle Fiori designers at their Milwaukee WI flower shop

Heirloom Curated Collections
Incorporating Wisconsin-grown natives, prairie flowers, cattails, and grasses are a favorite of many of our customers as they remind them of summers up north, fields near their grandparents and sentimental memories of growing up in the Midwest. Some of the favorite seasonal flowers we may incorporate are flowers such as Queen Anne’s Lace, Black Eyed Susan’s, Tulips, Dahlias, and Zinnias.

fragrant hyacinths will be used in bridal bouquets at Belle Fiori Seedling Through Bloom

Our partner farm works with both the interest of the earth and of our customers. By using crop rotation, they monitor careful the health of the soil and the land so that the blooms that produced are of the highest quality. Because young seedlings are especially delicious to bugs, they are treated with minimal chemicals to insure their growth and health and are kept sheltered from damaging wind and rains by hoop houses which help them grow strong and pretty.

Succulents are popular choices for bridal bouquets at Belle Fiori, LTD

Sending Seasonal Flowers
If you want the unique, beautiful arrangements featuring seasonal flowers contact us at the shop and our designers are happy to advise you on what is fresh and beautiful. Call Belle Fiori at (414) 272-2234.

Belle Fiori featured at Art in Bloom

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Happy first day of Spring!  The sun is setting a little later, the birds are singing in the morning and the  snow is melting…it must be Art in Bloom time!  This year Belle Fiori will be designing a floral installation inspired by “Girl with Doll” by German Impressionist Gabriele Münter.  Each art piece is chosen by museum curators and talented florists from all over the county.  Along with Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Cincinnati, and San Francisco are just a few of the museums around the country that host this fragrant event.

Girl with Doll

Art in Bloom runs March 23-26 and has something for the whole family to enjoy. Along with beautiful flowers and art to view there is a floral-inspired fashion show, an artisan marketplace, gardening seminars and even fun art projects for the kids. Stay for the day and enjoy wines, craft beer, hot sandwiches, cheese & charcuterie as well as lots of  gardening items and fashion items.

We’ve got two tickets to give away on Thursday March 23rd!  These tickets are good for general admission all week end.  To enter the drawing:
1. Like our Facebook page and Follow us on Instagram

2. Tag this photo with a friend that you would like to go to Art in Bloom on Facebook or Instagram @bellefiorimke

3. Enter our grand prize of a free spring arrangement drawing by taking a photo with our installation piece at Art in Bloom and post it to Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #bellefiorimke

Winner of the Art in Bloom tickets will be announced on Facebook and Instagram at 5PM on Wednesday March 22

Grand prize winner of the spring arrangement will be announced Monday March 27 at 10AM.

File Mar 20, 10 43 27 AM

This weekend, don’t just see art, smell it!

Easy Growing Shamrock Plants are at Belle Fiori for St Patrick’s Day!

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The promise of warmer weather with a few beautiful 60 degree days has been bringing people into Belle Fiori looking for beautiful green plants for their home.  The “Shamrock Plant” or Oxalis is a beautiful easy to grow plant that is a popular choice! The shamrock plant has three rounded or triangular-shaped leaves at the end of delicate stems. Most Oxalis plants fold up their leaves at night, hugging them tight to the stems until daylight “wakes them up” again.

File Mar 08, 10 23 06 AM

The shamrock is seen as a symbol of rebirth and heralds the arrival of spring. St. Patrick, who is credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland, was said to have plucked a shamrock from the grass at his feet to illustrate the doctrine of the Holy Trinity to his congregation. The shamrock was adopted as a symbol of both this patron saint and the “season of rebirth.”


File Mar 08, 9 28 26 AM

Shamrocks like cool air, moist soil and bright filtered light.  Unlike many plants, they actually prefer to be a bit crowded in a pot because they have a shallow root system.  During their active period when they are flowering and growing, water when the soil dries out, and fertilize every two to three weeks.  After the active growth period (generally in fall) your Shamrock will look as though it’s sick and dying.  This is normal! During this period of dormancy move the plant and let it “sleep” in a cool, dark place (such as a basement) for about 10-12 weeks or until you see new green shoots appearing. Once you see the new shoots, gently remove the browned leaves and place back in that bright filtered light.

Belle Fiori has beautiful, full shamrock plants in stock to brighten up your home or a loved one’s home!




Flower Chat by Belle Fiori: Sympathy or Celebration of Life Floral Etiquette

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When someone passes away, it’s natural to want to send something to the bereaved to help ease their pain. Flowers have long been traditional to send as a tribute to the cycle of life and death, as they represent life’s temporary beauty. Many people call our shop wanting to send flowers for a service or funeral but are unsure what to send.  Traditions over the years have changed a bit, but the sentiment remains the same; sending flowers is a heartfelt way to show that they are in your thoughts.

How do I know what kinds of flowers to send? This is where our designers shine. We are happy to design beautiful sympathy tributes in vases, easel sprays or casket sprays with the freshest seasonal flowers. Of course if you have a certain color palette you desire or know that the deceased loved a certain kind of flower we are happy to incorporate them in the design if possible.

Do the flowers have to look so…funeral-y?  Absolutely not!  We are increasingly seeing a trend of people wanting flower arrangements that represent the interests or hobbies of the deceased, and no color palette is “out” any longer. We can design to include any item you can think of. In the past we have done arrangements for an avid fisherman and outdoors man that incorporated a fishing basket and lure and an arrangement with a vintage hat box.

Funeral Flowers Belle Fiori Milwaukee


Do I have to send to the service, or can I send it to their home? It’s perfectly acceptable to send flowers to the home. It doesn’t have to be on the same day of the service or even the same week. There are no rules on when to send flowers and they can be a source of comfort in the weeks following the death during the grieving process.  Plants are also a commonly sent gift as their lasting beauty may serve to comfort the bereaved for years to come.

Should I send flowers if the obituary mentions an “In lieu of”?  If you wish to send flowers as well as making a donation, our suggestion is to send a blooming plant or floral arrangement to the home. By doing both you are keeping to the families wishes as well as providing a visual reminder that they are being thought of.

Should I send flowers to a cremation service? It is common practice for a family to have a celebration of life or memorial service with flowers.  Flowers add to the celebration whether displayed with an urn or photos of the deceased.


Sympathy Flowers Belle Fiori Milwaukee

Are there any cases where I should not send flowers?  Some religions and cultures do not use flowers in their burial ceremonies. If in doubt, it’s always best to check to see if they are accepted. If not, we can design fruit or gift baskets to suit the needs of the service.

We are happy to help you order the perfect arrangement to send.  You can view sympathy  flower arrangements on our website, or for a custom arrangement or to discuss your needs contact us at 414.272.2234.

Need an easy to grow houseplant? Meet your new friend Tilly.

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air plants

Tillandsia, better known to us as air plants are quirky plant that are in the Bromeliad family. Native to the southern states of the US and in South America, they have found favor with fans who call them by their nickname Tilly. Since they don’t need soil to grow, air plants can grow in the most unlikely places. In their native environment air plants use their roots to anchor themselves to trees, rocks or whatever suits their fancy. There are over 650 types of Tillandsia that can grow and thrive without ever being potted.airplant pink

The leaves handle the job of absorbing moisture and nutrients. Each leaf is covered with tiny scales called trichomes which are smooth or hairy depending on the variety. These microscopic little pores on the plant are easily clogged by chalks or salts if you have either hard water or softened water, so using bottled water is best for watering. The best way to water an air plant is to submerge it in a dish of water for 8-10 hours about every other week.  Air plants only take up as much water as they need, so you won’t over water by doing this. Remove the plant and gently shake them upside down to make sure water isn’t trapped in the center of the plant where it may cause rot.


Tilly loves a bright and cheerful window with filtered light. In the winter misting can help it with the humidity it craves. Watch carefully during the colder months for signs of stress such as curling or leaves that have flattened or turned brown. To fertilize, use a water-soluble fertilizer developed for Bromeliads which will have nitrogen that they can easily absorb.

airplant mister

At Belle Fiori, we love the look of air plants in terrariums paired with river rocks and reindeer moss. These charming little southwestern-style landscapes add interest to a nook or cranny and are so easy to maintain.  We offer many different varieties of air plants and misters  and can customize a terrarium or decorative bowl for you!  Stop in and meet Tilly!

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