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Belle Fiori featured at Art in Bloom

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Happy first day of Spring!  The sun is setting a little later, the birds are singing in the morning and the  snow is melting…it must be Art in Bloom time!  This year Belle Fiori will be designing a floral installation inspired by “Girl with Doll” by German Impressionist Gabriele Münter.  Each art piece is chosen by museum curators and talented florists from all over the county.  Along with Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Cincinnati, and San Francisco are just a few of the museums around the country that host this fragrant event.

Girl with Doll

Art in Bloom runs March 23-26 and has something for the whole family to enjoy. Along with beautiful flowers and art to view there is a floral-inspired fashion show, an artisan marketplace, gardening seminars and even fun art projects for the kids. Stay for the day and enjoy wines, craft beer, hot sandwiches, cheese & charcuterie as well as lots of  gardening items and fashion items.

We’ve got two tickets to give away on Thursday March 23rd!  These tickets are good for general admission all week end.  To enter the drawing:
1. Like our Facebook page and Follow us on Instagram

2. Tag this photo with a friend that you would like to go to Art in Bloom on Facebook or Instagram @bellefiorimke

3. Enter our grand prize of a free spring arrangement drawing by taking a photo with our installation piece at Art in Bloom and post it to Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #bellefiorimke

Winner of the Art in Bloom tickets will be announced on Facebook and Instagram at 5PM on Wednesday March 22

Grand prize winner of the spring arrangement will be announced Monday March 27 at 10AM.

File Mar 20, 10 43 27 AM

This weekend, don’t just see art, smell it!

Easy Growing Shamrock Plants are at Belle Fiori for St Patrick’s Day!

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The promise of warmer weather with a few beautiful 60 degree days has been bringing people into Belle Fiori looking for beautiful green plants for their home.  The “Shamrock Plant” or Oxalis is a beautiful easy to grow plant that is a popular choice! The shamrock plant has three rounded or triangular-shaped leaves at the end of delicate stems. Most Oxalis plants fold up their leaves at night, hugging them tight to the stems until daylight “wakes them up” again.

File Mar 08, 10 23 06 AM

The shamrock is seen as a symbol of rebirth and heralds the arrival of spring. St. Patrick, who is credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland, was said to have plucked a shamrock from the grass at his feet to illustrate the doctrine of the Holy Trinity to his congregation. The shamrock was adopted as a symbol of both this patron saint and the “season of rebirth.”


File Mar 08, 9 28 26 AM

Shamrocks like cool air, moist soil and bright filtered light.  Unlike many plants, they actually prefer to be a bit crowded in a pot because they have a shallow root system.  During their active period when they are flowering and growing, water when the soil dries out, and fertilize every two to three weeks.  After the active growth period (generally in fall) your Shamrock will look as though it’s sick and dying.  This is normal! During this period of dormancy move the plant and let it “sleep” in a cool, dark place (such as a basement) for about 10-12 weeks or until you see new green shoots appearing. Once you see the new shoots, gently remove the browned leaves and place back in that bright filtered light.

Belle Fiori has beautiful, full shamrock plants in stock to brighten up your home or a loved one’s home!




Flower Chat by Belle Fiori: Sympathy or Celebration of Life Floral Etiquette

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When someone passes away, it’s natural to want to send something to the bereaved to help ease their pain. Flowers have long been traditional to send as a tribute to the cycle of life and death, as they represent life’s temporary beauty. Many people call our shop wanting to send flowers for a service or funeral but are unsure what to send.  Traditions over the years have changed a bit, but the sentiment remains the same; sending flowers is a heartfelt way to show that they are in your thoughts.

How do I know what kinds of flowers to send? This is where our designers shine. We are happy to design beautiful sympathy tributes in vases, easel sprays or casket sprays with the freshest seasonal flowers. Of course if you have a certain color palette you desire or know that the deceased loved a certain kind of flower we are happy to incorporate them in the design if possible.

Do the flowers have to look so…funeral-y?  Absolutely not!  We are increasingly seeing a trend of people wanting flower arrangements that represent the interests or hobbies of the deceased, and no color palette is “out” any longer. We can design to include any item you can think of. In the past we have done arrangements for an avid fisherman and outdoors man that incorporated a fishing basket and lure and an arrangement with a vintage hat box.

Funeral Flowers Belle Fiori Milwaukee


Do I have to send to the service, or can I send it to their home? It’s perfectly acceptable to send flowers to the home. It doesn’t have to be on the same day of the service or even the same week. There are no rules on when to send flowers and they can be a source of comfort in the weeks following the death during the grieving process.  Plants are also a commonly sent gift as their lasting beauty may serve to comfort the bereaved for years to come.

Should I send flowers if the obituary mentions an “In lieu of”?  If you wish to send flowers as well as making a donation, our suggestion is to send a blooming plant or floral arrangement to the home. By doing both you are keeping to the families wishes as well as providing a visual reminder that they are being thought of.

Should I send flowers to a cremation service? It is common practice for a family to have a celebration of life or memorial service with flowers.  Flowers add to the celebration whether displayed with an urn or photos of the deceased.


Sympathy Flowers Belle Fiori Milwaukee

Are there any cases where I should not send flowers?  Some religions and cultures do not use flowers in their burial ceremonies. If in doubt, it’s always best to check to see if they are accepted. If not, we can design fruit or gift baskets to suit the needs of the service.

We are happy to help you order the perfect arrangement to send.  You can view sympathy  flower arrangements on our website, or for a custom arrangement or to discuss your needs contact us at 414.272.2234.

Need an easy to grow houseplant? Meet your new friend Tilly.

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air plants

Tillandsia, better known to us as air plants are quirky plant that are in the Bromeliad family. Native to the southern states of the US and in South America, they have found favor with fans who call them by their nickname Tilly. Since they don’t need soil to grow, air plants can grow in the most unlikely places. In their native environment air plants use their roots to anchor themselves to trees, rocks or whatever suits their fancy. There are over 650 types of Tillandsia that can grow and thrive without ever being potted.airplant pink

The leaves handle the job of absorbing moisture and nutrients. Each leaf is covered with tiny scales called trichomes which are smooth or hairy depending on the variety. These microscopic little pores on the plant are easily clogged by chalks or salts if you have either hard water or softened water, so using bottled water is best for watering. The best way to water an air plant is to submerge it in a dish of water for 8-10 hours about every other week.  Air plants only take up as much water as they need, so you won’t over water by doing this. Remove the plant and gently shake them upside down to make sure water isn’t trapped in the center of the plant where it may cause rot.


Tilly loves a bright and cheerful window with filtered light. In the winter misting can help it with the humidity it craves. Watch carefully during the colder months for signs of stress such as curling or leaves that have flattened or turned brown. To fertilize, use a water-soluble fertilizer developed for Bromeliads which will have nitrogen that they can easily absorb.

airplant mister

At Belle Fiori, we love the look of air plants in terrariums paired with river rocks and reindeer moss. These charming little southwestern-style landscapes add interest to a nook or cranny and are so easy to maintain.  We offer many different varieties of air plants and misters  and can customize a terrarium or decorative bowl for you!  Stop in and meet Tilly!

Belle Fiori Valentine’s Day Romance Packages

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Belle Fiori’s Valentine’s Day Romance Packages will delight every one on your list!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and it’s not too early to place your order for beautiful floral to be delivered.  This year Belle Fiori has amazing packages to suit every need.  Easy online ordering available here, or call us to customize! 414.227.2234

Make ‘em Jealous-Premium

Want everyone in the office to be wide-eyed with jealousy? This premium package has it all.  Included is a voluptuous tall and airy arrangement in a romantic garden mix. If the size of this arrangement isn’t enough to make heads turn in the office than the teddy bear, chocolate and soy candle will! Make this Valentine’s Day special by showering your special someone with love.

Make them Jealous Premium
















Make ‘em Jealous

A traditionally romantic package for that special someone in your life. This package includes a large arrangement in a romantic garden mix. A premium mid size arrangement  is available in a garden palette or any other colors you choose along with a cuddly teddy bear and a fragrant soy Eco Candle. Make this Valentine’s Day special by showering your someone special with love.
Make them Jealous Standard














Urban Chic-Premium

Are you trying to switch it up this year for Valentine’s Day? This long-lasting gift features beautiful lush succulents planted in a chic textured dish, perfect for the home or the office. Includes a stylish brass water mister for easy care. A soy Eco Candle in a romantic scent and delicious local chocolates make this trendy gift complete!


Urban Chic Premium













Urban Chic

This stylish trend-forward package is just what you have been searching for! This package includes a beautiful, lush single succulent planter in a chic copper plated pot. To ensure longevity, we have even included a stylish small brass mister for care. The finishing touch is a soy Eco Candle to fill the room with a refreshing scent.

Urban Chic Standard











My Zen Valentine

Is your love an adorer of orchids?  Why not send them love and Zen this Valentine’s Day?  This duet of colorful Phalaenopsis orchids dance upward gracefully between stems of fan tail willows. This unforgettable double orchid is presented in a matte black cube in a contemporary design. To ensure timeless elegance and Zen, we have included a watering can set including a mister in this package

My Zen Valentine












Love Is In the Air Plant

Give the gift of modern style this Valentine’s Day. Our Love Is In the Air Plant package features a trendy Tillandsia succulent planted in river rocks and reindeer moss.  This unique terrarium is a one-of-a-kind gift! Also included is a stylish small mister to ensure the air plant receives the love it needs.


Love is in the Air Plant

Romance on a Tuesday?  Belle Fiori Shares Ways to Make a Midweek Valentine’s Day Special in Milwaukee

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Valentines Day Flowers and GiftsFlowers are universal!  In every country flowers are seen as a gesture of how deeply you care for someone. With Valentine’s Day falling on a Tuesday this year, you have the unique opportunity to wow them with a weekend of romance before the big day!

Start the weekend off with romance

It’s the little things mean a lot, and everyone loves a special meal. Planning for a night in can be as romantic as a night out! A specially prepared meal (by you or your favorite restaurant) and a beautifully set table with rose petals strewn about will help the stress of the week melt away.  You can go with the classic red rose petals, or we also have white, pink, and assorted romantic colors to choose from.

Take notice of their style

Isn’t it great when someone gets you that perfect gift and it’s just so “you”? With a little bit of thought we can help personalize the design of your arrangement and deliver a custom gift that will wow them.

Think about:

Are they traditional/classic, or more trendy/funky in their styling?
Are there any flowers you know they love?

Do you know their favorite color, or a color palette that they are especially drawn to?
If you are unsure of these questions, don’t worry. Our helpful designers will suggest some popular selections for you.  We have low and lush more modern compact designs to a taller and airy designs depending on their aesthetic preference.
Include a final touch

For the cherry on top of the sundae of love we have many beautiful watercolor cards in stock from local artist James Steeno.  We can hand-write a message of affection from you, or if you stop in to pick up your flowers you can write your own.  We also have local artisanal chocolates, Eco Soy candles, teddy bears, scarves and many other unique gift items in the shop to include. Just ask any of our friendly staff and we can put together a gift combination that will delight.

It’s not too early to plan, Belle Fiori is already beginning to take orders for Valentine’s Day!  We can deliver to any metro Milwaukee location.

If you want to enjoy flowers over the weekend, delivery can be scheduled for Friday February 10th or Saturday February 11th.

If you prefer closer to the holiday, we can deliver on Monday February 13 or on Valentine’s Day, Tuesday February 14.

Call us today to talk with us to help you make Valentine’s Day amazing! 414.227.2234



A Special Holiday Message…

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When we at Belle Fiori think of all the benefits of being in our business, we quickly think of our relationships with great customers, amazing community and local artisans. Thank you for giving us the chance to do what we enjoy everyday.

bf_christmasFrom all of us, we wish you a very, merry Christmas!

Our Favorite LOCAL Stocking Stuffer Picks

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The stockings are hung in time for St. Nick’s, and we’re sharing our favorite – LOCAL – stocking stuffer picks!


We love to showcase some of our favorite community artists and artisans any chance we get! Here are three perfect picks for your stocking:

1) James Steeno art – A native of Wisconsin, James Steeno is an independent artist/illustrator in Milwaukee.


2) eco candles – the eco candle company® is an artisan candle and soap company located in Appleton, Wisconsin. They specialize in soy candles, handmade soap, natural bath & body products and more!


3) Directive – Directive has grown into a leather and hand painted canvas accessories line using high quality Milwaukee, WI tanned hides as much as possible and water based permanent fabric inks to paint unique designs rooted in the handmade tradition. Directive is a one-woman operation, every piece is cut, painted, and sewn by Jess Goehner.



Celebrity Inspiration: Emma Watson

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After watching the highly anticipated Beauty and the Beast trailer this past week, we were blown away by the bright yellow gown! Since we love any excuse to bring in a bright pop of color, we had to feature the ever-classy, Emma Watson.


Using dramatic yellow Roses, we recreated our version of Belle’s iconic ballgown.


The gorgeous white Peonies and Ranunculus play off of the flouncy white ruffles in Emma’s pantsuit.


Of course, we couldn’t feature Emma Watson without the mention of Harry Potter. Inspired by Hermione, we added some funky flowers – Craspedia, Alstroemeria and Protea- to potion bottles.

image credit: google images || Disney


Which celebrity should we feature next? Comment below!

October Top

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We feel like we were just recapping this summer’s top 5 and somehow we’re already bringing in the holiday season! While we’re excited to welcome November and all that it brings, we can’t help but look back at some our October favorites!

Our October arrangements were inspired by fall foliage and autumn colors – as you can see in our top 5 below!

bf_oct-top5_1pictured: Dahlias,  Seeded Eucalyptus, Astrantia, Mums and Spray Roses


bf_oct-top5_2pictured: Dahlias, Cymbidium Orchids, Stock and Luecadendron


bf_oct-top5_3pictured: assorted locally grown goodies


bf_oct-top5_4pictured: Roses, Snapdragons, Solidago Asters, and Australian Pine


bf_oct-top5_5pictured: Sunflowers, Mums, Hypericum berries, Magnolia leaves and River Oats


Which was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

And of course, we’re happy to recreate these or any other custom arrangements for your next event or to bring freshness to your home or office.

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