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Cascade Comeback

Posted on by BelleFiori

When I started working at the flower shop about 6 years ago, the words ‘cascade bouquet’ would bring to mind huge puffy white sleeves, giant veils and of course a long waterfall of flowers accented by trails of Ivy. I was a child of the eighties and needless to say I was pretty skeptical about the resurrection of this glammed out wedding trend when I started designing for Belle Fiori.

Doing some research around web, it appears that the cascade bouquet is actually a modern version of what was once called a “shower bouquet” from 1910, which then reached its peak during the 20’s and 30’s. You have probably seen these bouquets if you’ve ever come across old black and white wedding portraits from those eras.


Princess Diana brought this floral style back to popularity for a short stint in the 1980’s after nearly 5 decades of dormancy, with an enormous and iconic wedding cascade bouquet, and now we are starting to see the emergence yet again throughout the Midwest and in Southeastern Wisconsin.


As the slow comeback of the cascade trickles into our shop we are so happy and surprised to see how much the style has evolved and improved. I absolutely love making them! Take a look at some of these gorgeous and unique modern cascade bouquets we’ve made at Belle Fiori from the last couple of years:

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How Do Flowers Get Their Color?

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As florists, we often get the creative freedom to mix and match different types of flowers, colors, and textures to design the perfect arrangements. A big part of those decisions is often guided by the visions of wedding color palettes or our clients’ favorite blooms.

But the starting point from which our florists at Belle Fiori usually begin, almost always boils down to color. Grandma’s favorite was always yellow roses. The bridesmaids dresses are purple. There’s something about that perfect shade of pink peony.

Color is important. But how do flowers get their color?

Without giving you too much of a science lesson, (though I’m more than happy to nerd out about flowers) let me explain a bit.

Like people, who have different hair colors, eye colors, and complexions, the outward appearance of flowers is largely determined by their genetic composition. I’m sure many of you have heard of chlorophyll. It’s what makes leafy plants and stems green. Chorophyll is a pigment. Pigments, such as anthocyanins (found in many boldly colored plants) and caroteniods (found in a lot of vegetables), are determined by the heredity of the plant. …Its all in the genes! So basically, what your baby bloom is born with, is what you’ll get.

It’s possible that you’ve heard of people altering the colors of their own plants. Think…hydrangeas. Many people choose if they want their plant to appear more blue, purple, or pink. This tampering of hues has more to do with changing the PH of your plants’ growing conditions than with altering its genetic components….but it’s certainly fun to do it yourself!

No matter what your personal color preference, it’s interesting to think about how the appearance of your gorgeous florals is determined even before they bloom. And if you don’t know what color is your favorite? Stop by Belle Fiori’s Milwaukee shop and we’ll help you find what you love!

bouquet milwaukeeflorals Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset



Belle Fiori Real Wedding: Summer, Noel & Nate

Posted on by BelleFiori

It’s hard to believe that we are already a year out from this amazing wedding day from last July! Noel and Nate were neighbors of our former Milwaukee location on Ogden Ave, in-fact, Nate was one of our Friday regulars, so we were so happy when they told their planner, David Caruso of Dynamic Events, that they HAD to have Belle Fiori do their flowers! David is the best, so of course we were thrilled to be a part of this fantastic team!

Noel and Nate’s vision was a gorgeous one. The color inspiration was a lovely palette of sage green, cool greys and blues, and orange hues taken from their cloth guest napkins from BBJ Linens. They also knew they wanted a lush and organic look with unique floral varieties complemented by lots of botanical elements like succulents and ferns. As florists, this was music to our ears, and we couldn’t wait to begin brainstorming these fantastic combinations of color and texture.

Join us, as we take a look back at a beautiful day and celebrate one year of marriage with this lovely couple. The photos, taken by Valo Photography, are truly stunning!

Noel_and_Nate_0134 Noel_and_Nate_0324 Noel_and_Nate_0451 Noel_and_Nate_0311 Noel_and_Nate_0414

Noel and Nate’s wedding reception was one of our favorites to date. The Pritzlaff is a gorgeous event space all on its own, but this custom birch backdrop built by Barking Pony was unlike anything we’ve ever seen! Meant to look like the edge of a boat dock, our team framed the front of the stage with two showy floral arrangements of asparagus fern, astilbe, bells of Ireland, hydrangea, and cattail grasses. The beginning of the aisle was accented as well, lined with a collection of concrete vessels of assorted plants and candles to complement the dock inspired look.

Noel_and_Nate_0809 Noel_and_Nate_0531 Noel_and_Nate_0530 Noel_and_Nate_0527 Noel_and_Nate_0524 Noel_and_Nate_0526 Noel_and_Nate_0516 Noel_and_Nate_0513 Noel_and_Nate_0510 Noel_and_Nate_0506 Noel_and_Nate_0505 Noel_and_Nate_0502 Noel_and_Nate_0543 Noel_and_Nate_0552 Noel_and_Nate_0600

The dinner tables featured a few different wedding centerpiece styles: low, round succulent gardens with cymbidium orchids, assorted cement vessels of ferns with floating candles, and rectangular wood boxes of hydrangea, solidago, billy balls, dusty miller, cymbidium orchids, stock, protea and mixed greens. These combined to make a unique collection of arrangements to transform the Pritzlaff into Noel and Nate’s perfect space.

The couples’ head table featured a large, hanging fern planter highlighting the bridal party’s special seating. Unique arrangements like these are always fun for Belle Fiori to design-an exciting challenge to set the head table apart.

Noel_and_Nate_1320 Noel_and_Nate_1114 Noel_and_Nate_1099 Noel_and_Nate_0565

We can’t thank Noel and Nate enough for letting Belle Fiori be a part of their Milwaukee wedding. The decor was outstanding and the vendors they chose made for a perfectly executed event. Happy Anniversary you two!

“Pop of Spring” Floral Class Collaboration with Mint & Lovely

Posted on by BelleFiori

Over the winter, Belle Fiori was contacted by Haley and Emilee of Mint & Lovely Event Studio to collaborate on a very exciting floral design workshop hosted at Hot Pop in Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward.

Our team was thrilled to have the opportunity to teach this fun and eager group about the art of floral design and we knew we had a great partner in Mint & Lovely. Guests of the workshop were treated to a gorgeous day of floral fun, designing a beautiful arrangement complete with tulips, ranunculus, spray roses, stock, peonies, leucadendron, clementine fruit, and sword ferns. It was a blast creating this seasonally inspired centerpiece!

Workshop attendees were also treated to delicious (and adorable) refreshments by Onesto and Yield Bakehouse along with a treat bag of take-home floral inspired goodies. We had a blast seeing everyone go to work on their arrangements, and were truly impressed by their talent!

Check out some of the lovely event photos from the day captured by the very talented photographer, Jenna Kutcher.

Many thanks to Hayley and Emilee for including us in this special event!

“Our desire to consume less and experience more was at the forefront of our minds as we planned and designed this event. From the moment the guests walked in, we wanted them to feel as though they stepped into a world colored with bright pinks, corals and fuchsia. We hope these photos conjure up grandiose thoughts of creating your own gorgeous arrangements at home now that spring has officially sprung!” – Haley & Emilee, Mint and Lovely

MintandLovely-63 mintlovely-8 mintlovely-12 mintlovely-29 mintlovely-51 mintlovely-52 mintlovely-80 mintlovely-91 mintlovely-106 mintlovely-111 mintlovely-112 mintlovely-114 mintlovely-117 mintlovely-119 mintlovely-125 mintlovely-147 mintlovely-179 mintlovely-194

Thistle be a Dazzling 4th of July!

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Being a floral shop on the east-side of Milwaukee, Belle Fiori sees an explosion of people around our neighborhood as the weather perks up, especially around the end of June, when Summerfest draws people from other states and even other countries. As the sidewalks buzz outside, we tidy up loose ends in the shop and prepare for a mid-summer break over the 4th of July weekend to spend time with our families and rest up for the bustling second half of wedding season!

As we embrace a calmer shop aura and prep for the coming weeks, we have compiled some of our favorite patriotic arrangements from around the web to inspire your holiday weekend and celebrate Thistle as a 4th of July floral celebrity!

Our first stop is an amazing post from Jess Blazejewski of Style Me Pretty.  This lovely DIY tutorial shows how to make a super classy, garden variety floral centerpiece of red, white and blue, and Strawberries too! This arrangement features a lush variety of roses, garden roses, freesia, berries and Blue Mountain Thistle in a vintage blue tin can!

Click here for link

StyleMePretty2 StyleMePretty



























We found this blue and white beauty on the Home Depot – Martha Stewart Feature page. Though is excludes the color red, it definitely invokes festive imageries of fireworks and sparklers! This arrangement features a simple mix of Blue Mountain Thistle and Globe Thistle accompanied by gorgeous white astilbe.

Click here for link


Resident florist, Meghan Guthrie, of One Kings Lane, designed this loose style arrangement with “casual blooms in a patriotic palette” with a “nod to fireworks – [her] favorite part of the holiday.” We love how it looks as though it was just-gathered and just as relaxed as a summer picnic! Check out her awesome flower recipe infographic to see what she paired with Thistle to create this lovely design:

Click here for link

OneKing1 OneKing2




Last, but not least, we found this “1950’s America” styled arrangement from Karin Lidbeck, a stylist, life style editor, designer, artist, and producer  for Country Living, Better Homes and Gardens, New England Home Magazine, Traditional Homes and many more. Inspired by the 1950’s fabric shown below she used “Climbing Roses, Thistle, Fuchsia, Dahlias and [Red] Yarrow… often depicted in Pennsylvania Dutch Style Designs. The pewter vase echoes the grey blue liberty bell in the fabric”. Stunning, classy, and delightfully American!

Click here for link

2a 2b

Belle Fiori Real Wedding: Summer, Andrea & Filiberto

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Belle Fiori can’t say enough about Andrea and Filiberto’s Milwaukee wedding. This gorgeous celebration from last June was inspired by a vintage Mexican fiesta, and a fiesta it was! It was the perfect ceremony at Mt. Mary College followed by an outstanding party. Throughout the day there were smiles abound as the bride and groom danced around in sombreros, guests broke piñatas, and enjoyed the sounds of mariachi at the fabulous La Fuente. It was a gorgeous day for an even more gorgeous couple.

Working with this couple’s vision was a dream. Our floral designers were able to create truly unique bridal bouquets and arrangements using Andrea and Filiberto’s breathtaking color palette. Red garden roses, peach roses, orange ranunculus, yellow billy balls, peach stock, red anemones, grey succulents, and vibrant teal paper flowers provided by bride made for a brilliant combination of colors and textures that mimicked the energy of the day. We love the way they chose to use flowers to accentuate both their venue and personalities.

Check out some fabulous images from Erika Lee Photography!

Andrea&Fili.121 Andrea&Fili.119 Andrea&Fili.118 Andrea&Fili.112 Andrea&Fili.108 Andrea&Fili.102 Andrea&Fili.084 Andrea&Fili.082 Andrea&Fili.076 Andrea&Fili.071 Andrea&Fili.066 Andrea&Fili.063 Andrea&Fili.047 Andrea&Fili.046 Andrea&Fili.043 Andrea&Fili.033 Andrea&Fili.027 Andrea&Fili.022 Andrea&Fili.016 Andrea&Fili.008 Andrea&Fili.005

Holiday Planning at Belle Fiori – Father’s Day

Posted on by BelleFiori

Father’s Day is right around the corner, June 21st, and Belle Fiori has rounded up some of our favorite floral arrangements from our designers that would make a perfect addition to the family table or buffet. Now, of course we know that every dad has their own identity and interests, but we are often asked to make “masculine” style arrangements, which can leave a lot of room for interpretation.

Typical “masculine” arrangements focus on clean sculptural line, bold colors, textural interests, and unique containers. We tend to think of them as modern or high style (which could be appropriate for any occasion or person), but we think they would be a stunning eye-catching option for your Pop!

Our floral designers also love doing custom pieces for our Milwaukee area clients. Tell us a little about your dad and we can create a unique, tastefully themed arrangement just for him!

bellefiori bellefiori bellefiori bellefiori belle fiori bellefiori bellefiori

For a little something extra special, we highly recommend a ‘Mandle’ from our local candle-maker Eco Candle Company! With scents like Biker, Perfect Gentleman, Hipster, Pretty Boy, Packer Backer or even…Ladies Man, you are sure to find the right scent for your dad, or at least a funny gift to bring smiles and laughter!

mandle mandle

Belle Fiori is honored to be a part of Nordstrom Gala!

Posted on by BelleFiori

As a retail flower shop, Belle Fiori sends out many daily arrangements to local Milwaukeeans, but this past week we were honored to be wrapping up a very exciting delivery opportunity from specialty retailer, Nordstrom. These floral arrangements served as a way to personally invite local charity members from the Ronald McDonald House, The United Way, and The Links organizations to a very special cocktail party with a focus on panning the upcoming Nordstrom Grand Opening Gala in October!

The Gala, which will be hosted at the store’s new location at Mayfair Mall, will be held on October 21, 2015 and will benefit these three charities, as a way to give back to the community. As Brent Harris, Nordstrom Vice President and Midwest Regional Manager, explained to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, “The three organizations we are partnering with for our gala do great work and we’re inspired by their dedication the Milwaukee Community. We are honored to join then in their efforts to make a difference.”

With over 150 of these extra orders heading out Belle Fiori’s door, we hired on some additional charismatic personnel to present the arrangements and invitations which were hand-delivered on a clear lucite tray (so fun and super chic)! All of the drivers loved the reactions they received from the recipients and we are so happy to have been a part of this fantastic event!

Guests of the Gala will enjoy hors d’oeuvres and cocktails, live entertainment and the opportunity to shop the new 140,000 square-foot store. Tickets for the opening gala are $100 and will go on sale in June 2015. The event, entirely underwritten by Nordstrom, is expected to raise $150,000 to be shared among the three organizations. For more information, click here!

1bellefiori bellefiori bellefioriinvite

Belle Fiori Real Wedding: Spring, Lauren & Brad

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Lauren and Brad’s Navy inspired wedding was an elegant spring affair. As Marquette alumn, Milwaukee was the perfect locale for this couple’s special day. Hubbard Park provided the perfect backdrop for the elegantly dressed couple and their wedding party, with Brad in his uniform and his beautiful bride taking center stage under a beautiful, florally adorned arbor complete with rose garland.

Our florists at Belle Fiori loved this color palette! Navy bridesmaids dresses accented by the light pink, peach, and white rose bouquets were a wonderful complement to Lauren’s own rose and spray rose bridal arrangement. Combined with her gorgeous hair and makeup, Lauren looked flawless.

The florals carried through to the couple’s formal reception at the Pfister. Florally embellished lanterns made for simple but classy centerpieces and the cake looked outstanding with cascading roses showcased from top to bottom.

Many thanks to Lauren and Brad for choosing Belle Fiori for their Milwaukee wedding. It was a pleasure to work with you!

Check out some images from the fabulous Laura Schmitt!

Ceremony Venue – Hubbard Park :: Reception Venue – Pfister Hotel :: Wedding Coordinator – Sarah Geitner, Pfister Hotel :: Invitations – Paper Dolls of Saratoga :: Cake – Simma’s Bakery :: DJ- Midwest Sound Entertainment :: Dress - David’s Bridal :: Bridesmaid Dress – Bella Bridesmaids

Lauren + Brad :: Milwaukee, Wisconsin Wedding Photography Lauren + Brad :: Milwaukee, Wisconsin Wedding Photography Lauren + Brad :: Milwaukee, Wisconsin Wedding Photography Lauren + Brad :: Milwaukee, Wisconsin Wedding Photography Lauren + Brad :: Milwaukee, Wisconsin Wedding Photography Lauren + Brad :: Milwaukee, Wisconsin Wedding Photography Lauren + Brad :: Milwaukee, Wisconsin Wedding Photography Lauren + Brad :: Milwaukee, Wisconsin Wedding Photography Lauren + Brad :: Milwaukee, Wisconsin Wedding Photography Lauren + Brad :: Milwaukee, Wisconsin Wedding Photography Lauren + Brad :: Milwaukee, Wisconsin Wedding Photography Lauren + Brad :: Milwaukee, Wisconsin Wedding Photography Lauren + Brad :: Milwaukee, Wisconsin Wedding Photography Lauren + Brad :: Milwaukee, Wisconsin Wedding Photography Lauren + Brad :: Milwaukee, Wisconsin Wedding Photography Lauren + Brad :: Milwaukee, Wisconsin Wedding Photography Lauren + Brad :: Milwaukee, Wisconsin Wedding Photography

Designer Feature: Alex Covert – Sean & Kristen Get Married!

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This month, Belle Fiori is delighted to feature, Alex Covert, for the designer spotlight! You have probably seen one of her magnificently lush bridal bouquets or arrangements pop up on social media from time to time, so it’s no surprise that her travel-abroad buddy from college, Sean, found her on Instagram, and asked if she would personally do the flowers for their wedding at Morton Arboretum in Lisle, IL (former estate of Morton Salt. Co.)!

“They didn’t have specific floral elements determined and left the majority of the decisions up to me. This was a wonderful compliment of trust and I appreciated the creative freedom that came with that. Kristen liked succulents and a tailored bouquet style. Other than that, we just decided on complimenting colors to their coral bridesmaids dress and mint and gold table linens. A fun element of their wedding was their collection of antique tins they have found throughout their relationship. These were incorporated into their center pieces.” – Alex

Take a look at the amazing flowers she came up with for them below!

IMG_0500 IMG_0532 IMG_0534 IMG_0536 IMG_0537 Processed with VSCOcam with c6 preset Processed with VSCOcam with c6 preset Processed with VSCOcam with c6 preset Processed with VSCOcam with c6 preset Processed with VSCOcam with c6 preset Processed with VSCOcam with c6 preset IMG_4448 IMG_4449

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