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Celebrity Inspiration: Jackie O.

Posted on by BelleFiori

Introducing our latest blog series, Celebrity Inspiration! Each month we’ll feature one of our favorite celebrities and arrangements that they inspired.

Who better to start the series with than Jackie O?! After seeing the movie trailer for Jackie, we were so inspired! The gorgeous, elegance and traditional style was easy to convey through a simple, classic color palate and opulent arrangement.

image credit


What celebrity should we feature next? Let us know in the comments!

Trending: Cascade Bouquet

Posted on by BelleFiori

One of the most popular requests we’re getting this season are cascade bouquets.

The bouquets create a floral waterfall feature that adds movement, texture, drama and uniqueness to your event!

Below are just a few of the most recent cascade bouquets and centerpieces that we have created. Take a look and be inspired for your next event!




Belle-Fiori_Cascade-Bouquet_Blog-Post_5Elizabeth Muscara Haas

Seasonal Picks: Sunflower

Posted on by BelleFiori

Sunflowers are one of our favorite summer flowers! With their bright and cheerful color and dramatic stature, they make the perfect addition to any arrangement or bouquet.

These brightly colored arrangements were so much fun to design. While sunflowers might usually be used to create a rustic, country-feel event, you can also pair them with other greens and colors to create a more dramatic, formal look!



Top 5: July Floral Arrangements

Posted on by BelleFiori

July was a busy month for us! In the heart of wedding season, our designers are loving the bright floral bouquets and centerpiece arrangements. Below are just a few of our favorites from this month!

Our succulent obsession continues…


Love this tropical arrangement!Belle-Fiori_July-top-5_Tropical


We had to try a cascading arrangement with this fun color scheme.Belle-Fiori_July-top-5_Pallete


Fresh from the farm all locally grown!Belle-Fiori_July-top-5_farm


You can never go wrong with a blue/green palette!Belle-Fiori_July-top-5_blue-and-green


Which is your favorite? Weigh-in on Facebook and follow us on Instagram!

Belle Fiori Driver Spotlight: Tyler

Posted on by BelleFiori

Belle Fiori has another fantastic Milwaukee floral delivery driver for you!

Tyler Triveline is Belle Fiori’s “flower ninja”….fast and silent! Luckily, we were able to get him to stand still long enough to snap a quick photo before he dashed off for his afternoon route.

Tyler has been delivering flowers for us since August 2015 and is a full time student at UW-Milwaukee, majoring in Business and Supply Chain and Operations Management.

Here is the exclusive Belle Fiori interview:

What is your favorite part of delivering flowers?

Driving around the city.

Favorite place to deliver flowers to?

Baker Tilly

Least favorite place to deliver to?

Milwaukee County Jail

Road music?

Sports radio

Favorite flower?


Make sure to give Tyler a wave if your see him delivering around Southeastern Wisconsin! And thanks to Tyler for being a part of the Belle Fiori team!


Belle Fiori Driver Spotlight

Posted on by BelleFiori

We love to share our flower stories, but today we want to introduce you to another very important part of the Belle Fiori team…our delivery drivers!

Meet our amazingly organized and oh so fashionable friend and driver Byron Fulsom. Byron has been delivering flowers for Belle Fiori since the beginning of 2016, and now we don’t know what we ever did without his wit, charm, calm demeanor, and very neat handwriting. Here’s the Belle Fiori exclusive interview!

Byron 004

What is your favorite flower?
Toss up between Hydrangeas (puffy clouds of loveliness) and orchids (so delicate, yet tough and sturdy).

Where is your favorite place to deliver?
I enjoy the Third Ward , there’s so much going on with all of the businesses, restaurants, living spaces and people watching…I really enjoy the variety.

Reading, good times with family and friends, bowling, billiards, darts, following professional sports, eating good food, listening to good music.

What is your favorite road music?
While delivering flowers, I switch between sports/talk radio, R&B/soul and classic rock.

Weirdest reactions to a flower delivery?
A recipient thought I was a scammer, and would not believe I was delivering flowers to him. (They were from his eye doctor…) Another time a woman in the hospital told me to go away, because she did not think anyone would send her flowers. (She eventually accepted them with a smile!)

Best reaction to a flower delivery?
When someone called me his “Lil’ Flower Homie”

Any time I receive a tip!

The smiles, happiness and surprise on people’s faces when they are handed a beautiful arrangement!Byron 001

Go Local for Mother’s Day!

Posted on by BelleFiori

Ordering from a national flower company sounds easy, and all those Groupons make it seem like a great deal…until you realize that you are paying extra for a lot of little things like a card message, “processing”, delivery, etc. The flowers often arrive in a cardboard box, and your loved one then has to unpack the flowers and put them in the vase themselves. Hmmmm.

Consider the alternative.

Calling your local florist means that you get to talk to a flower expert (like all our fabulous BF team members), not a call center AND you get to custom design your floral arrangement or bouquet to your love ones’ liking. At Belle Fiori, we want your gift to surprise and delight, not “underwhelm.” We truly believe flowers can be both a beautiful and personal gift, and love getting to know our fabulous clients throughout the Southeastern Wisconsin area. So many of you have wonderful stories about your moms and what makes them special. We want to make Mother’s Day as special as your mom and we can’t think of a better way to show your love than with gorgeous, locally crafted florals.

Belle Fiori is ready to help you create the perfect gift for your mom on Mother’s Day! We custom design your order using the freshest flowers available and hand-deliver them right to her door.

Call us at 414-272-2234 and surprise Mom with some gorgeous blooms from your local Milwaukee florist!

Holiday Planning: Mother’s Day 2016

Posted on by BelleFiori

Mother’s Day is such a beautiful holiday–one I hold near and dear to my heart as i think of all that my mom has done for me throughout the years. Whether it be a shoulder to cry on, an extra bit of encouragement, or even begrudgingly accepted advice, my mom is someone I can always count on to be there for me throughout it all. While it may seem a bit overdone that I gift my mom her favorite yellow roses every year at Mother’s Day, it’s a ritual that never loses meaning. My mom is my rock, year after year, and though I often mix up holiday gifts with other fun trinkets and vices, those yellow roses remain as constant as my mother’s unwavering support throughout my life. I never look at a yellow rose without thinking of my beautiful mother, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

I hope you all have a special place in your heart for this beloved holiday whether your own mom is present in your life or not. So many times, we have clients walk in to Belle Fiori’s Milwaukee shop and order beautiful bouquets and floral arrangements for someone other than ‘mom’ around Mother’s Day. And that makes us so happy. Mom is someone who loves you unconditionally, who you look to for comfort and support, and regardless of biology or proximity, we love when people embrace the broader concept of ‘mother’ this time of year by gifting florals to aunts, special friends, and even dads who fill that special mom role in their life. We encourage you to celebrate the mother figure in your life this Mother’s Day and know that special someone will forever treasure your thinking of them.

Remember, Mother’s Day is coming up quickly and, at Belle Fiori, it’s one of our busiest holidays of the year. Give us a call today to order your arrangement or custom floral order to ensure it’s ready for May 8th!

“These are always my mom’s favorites…what about yours?” -Emily

Compost Crusaders

Posted on by BelleFiori

For years, Belle Fiori has been working on a way to compost our piles of stems, leaves and spent flowers (They do pile up around here!). The solution was discovered by our administrative assistant JoAnn Bishop, a committed composter herself, in Milwaukee’s own Compost Crusaders.











Belle Fiori owner Emily Neubauer met with Crusaders founder Melissa Tashjan early in March, and a few days later we had our first compost tote, which we immediately filled. Emily realized that we needed to commit on a larger scale, and soon our beautiful two yard dumpster was delivered.


Our staff created “trash only” and “recycling” bins in the shop and we soon discovered how much of our waste could be diverted into compost. “Our goal is to divert 50-70% of an organization’s compostable waste” says Melissa.  We think we are well on our way to meeting that goal. And for every 20,000 lbs of raw material collected, Compost Crusaders will donate one yard of compost back to the community!

Belle Fiori joins several notable Milwaukee businesses and organizations in the quest to compost, including Braise, Outpost Natural Foods, Fuel Cafe and the Urban Ecology Center. For more information and to meet the Crusaders team, visit www.compostcrusader.com


Custom Funeral and Sympathy Arrangements from Belle Fiori

Posted on by BelleFiori

Belle Fiori designers are known for their unique and innovative creations, but we are also becoming known for beautiful and unusual funeral and sympathy arrangements around the Milwaukee area. Our designers enjoy helping customers put together the perfect floral tribute for their loved ones, custom created to celebrate the life and unique characteristics of each individual. Stop in or call us at 414-272-2234 for a private consultation with one of our flower artists, we are happy to help with anything from simple vase of sympathy flowers to an elaborate funeral tribute.

Here are a few examples and ideas:

An assortment of tropical arrangements by Erika Herman for a gentleman who had been stationed in Hawaii.

2015-02-19 06.08.36 1 10489659_10102493138776968_957991074375923293_n

A custom arrangement in blues, creams and apricot for a well-known pottery artist. Designed by Erika Herman.


A gorgeous easel arrangement showcasing a fall color palette by Erika Herman.


A spring themed casket spray and urns from designer Alex Covert, featuring peonies and sumptuous garden roses. The funeral home claimed that these were the most beautiful arrangements they had ever had for a service.

Photo Mar 15, 5 33 50 PM Photo Mar 15, 5 34 44 PM

This custom urn arrangement was created by Erika Herman for a “very unique and quirky” gentleman, including cymbidium orchids, protea, star of Bethlehem, kiwi branch, parrot tulips, artichokes and air plants. The actual urn was a burled wood globe that looked right at home in this earthy, lovely environment.



We can also create an arrangement of fresh seasonal blooms that can be enjoyed at home. Check out some of our favorite creations…

10389703_555853164716_7910312122558496354_n  Photo Oct 23, 9 06 12 PM


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