Update! It’s now 2019 and we’re still going strong! We have successfully implemented and perfected our composting methods.  We’re thankful to have found a solution and be able to do our part in being as sustainable as possible!




For years, Belle Fiori has been working on a way to compost our piles of stems, leaves and spent flowers (They do pile up around here!). The solution was discovered by JoAnn Bishop, a committed composter herself, in Milwaukee’s own Compost Crusaders.




Belle Fiori owner Emily Neubauer met with Crusaders founder Melissa Tashjan early in March, and a few days later we had our first compost tote, which we immediately filled. Emily realized that we needed to commit on a larger scale, and soon our beautiful two-yard dumpster was delivered.


Our staff created “trash only” and “recycling” bins in the shop and we soon discovered how much of our waste could be diverted into compost. “Our goal is to divert 50-70% of an organization’s compostable waste” says Melissa.  We think we are well on our way to meeting that goal. And for every 20,000 lbs of raw material collected, Compost Crusaders will donate one yard of compost back to the community!

Belle Fiori joins several notable Milwaukee businesses and organizations in the quest to compost, including Braise, Outpost Natural Foods, Fuel Cafe and the Urban Ecology Center. For more information and to meet the Crusaders team, visit www.compostcrusader.com