Ordering flowers should be fun, continue reading for tips on how to order in a breeze.

When ordering flowers people often have a hard time conveying what they want and expect, especially over the phone.  While we do have a catalogue of arrangements that you can choose from we love to create personal, unique designs, this is where our creativity shines through!  If you don’t have an idea of what you want, the size of the arrangement is a great place to start. Try to think of the space that it will be placed in, is it a small dorm room, an office or maybe a large home with an open layout? There are many different sizes and styles to choose from, don’t be afraid to ask for the designer’s input based on where the arrangement will be displayed.

Next up; Style! Do you prefer something traditional? Maybe modern and linear? Try to think of what style the recipient would like but don’t worry too much, letting our designers create a design based on the freshest seasonal flowers is a great way to ensure the recipient will love their arrangement!  Our Instagram and Facebook are a great place to check out our custom designs if you’d like to check out some of our designers work!  See something you like? Let our designer know so that we can design something similar adding a fresh personal touch for your recipient.

Our most popular sizes below-

Medium-Low and lush                                                                                                                                      Tall and Airy

Sometimes our customers know exactly what they want, or sometimes they just know what flowers they’d like to use and what ones they want us to avoid!  We welcome any requests and suggestions and do our best to fulfil these requests within your requested time frame and budget.  A great way to ensure that we can source a rare or specific type of flower and or colour is to order ahead! Typically we can get a special product in the next day or two but sometimes depending on what it is and the time of year it could take a few days, even weeks for certain types.

We always want to be transparent and set expectations on the size and style of arrangement you will receive for the price.  It’s okay to be upfront about your budget that way we can make suggestions that are comfortable for you and ensure we set the expectations for what your recipient will receive.

Another way to make ordering a breeze is to have all of the necessary information ready and in front of you when you call to place an order.  We’ll need the recipient’s full name, address (apt number or name of business if applicable), and a phone number we can reach them at.

We can work with every budget and style, give us a call and let’s turn your vision into a reality!