When someone brightens your day with a surprise floral delivery you can’t help but smile. Of course, you’d like to enjoy those flowers as long as possible, but how? The (not so secret) secret lies within a small packet tucked inside your delivery.

An unfortunate reality, flowers are a perishable item and don’t last forever. Understandably we often receive requests for “long-lasting” flowers.  While there are slight variations in the longevity of flowers depending on the type, much of a cut flower’s lifespan has to do with how you care for it after you receive it.  Air temperature, humidity, and direct or indirect sunlight all play an important role but the main factor in extending the life of a cut flower lies in the water it resides in.  That starts post-harvest with our growers, a cut flower still requires water, nutrition and growth regulators, all naturally supplied until harvest.  This is where carefully formulated flower food solutions come in, used by growers and florists for each stage of that specific flowers life, they promote growth, encourage water intake and provide the nutrition flowers need.

The formulation of these flower foods is an exact science, resulting in water with an optimal PH level for a flower’s sustainability and growth. The result across the hundreds of trials run to see if and just how effective the flower food can be was unanimous, it works! As the results rolled in it showed improved growth and longevity of up to 30% in bouquets of mixed flowers and nearly 100% in Lisianthus alone.

The magic of flower food doesn’t stop there! It is also formulated with antimicrobials to reduce and prevent bacteria in the water which causes unwelcome odors that can detract from the beauty of your flowers. While some flowers (we’re looking at you Stock) tend to develop an odor quicker than others flower food will prevent this if used properly. Another factor in reducing and eliminating the odors caused by the water your flowers are in is the vase itself, we suggest washing this thoroughly after each use to prevent bacteria and fungi.  With its extensive list of benefits, flower food is a simple, effective way to prolong the life of your floral arrangements!

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