Want to send the perfect arrangement of flowers for a birthday? Anniversary? Get well?  Keep reading for tips on how to order the perfect arrangement for any occasion!

A birthday is a celebration, treat it like one! Fun, colorful, vibrant arrangements are the way to go for this one!  If your recipient isn’t typically a fan of “loud” or “bright” colors try a colorful muted pastel palette!


An anniversary is a chance to celebrate your relationship and a great time to show your appreciation with a little romance.  Let our designers help you show your love with a romantic arrangement.


While there are no “rules” or “guidelines” set in stone people often think that for a get well or sympathy arrangement it should be all white, with maybe an accent of another color.  While this contemporary style is a great choice we have also seen a growing number of colorful, bright, cheery arrangements being sent.  This is a great way for family members to continue enjoying the gift without it creating too solemn of a vibe in their home.  If the occasion is a celebration of life color is a great choice, if it is a very traditional service or an incredibly tragic circumstance sometimes it’s best to err on the side of caution with soft colors and whites.  Don’t worry too much about choosing an “appropriate” style/color scheme for this as the thought is truly what counts and sometimes it’s best to honor someone by choosing a style that represents them and not the occasion.


Whatever the occasion or theme trust your local Belle Fiori designers to help you choose the perfect arrangement!