Our florists at Belle Fiori do a lot more than put together bouquets for people on special occasions. (Yes, we’re finally starting to recuperate from Valentine’s Day!) Anniversaries, birthdays and holidays are most often the reasons people think to purchase florals, but there are many other realms of life and business where displaying arrangements is suitable.

One area of floral service in particular that Belle Fiori likes to provide for the Milwaukee area is trade show florals. Often, businesses try to spice up their booths at shows or conventions but still end up feeling like something is missing; sometimes, the brochures and the fancy signs just aren’t enough. So how do you do it? How do you draw people in?

Well, how do you make your own office or business more inviting? Of course our answer is plants and florals. Even though we may be a bit biased, research has shown that plants brighten people’s moods and make their surroundings more enjoyable. So utilize them. Add an arrangement to your trade show display. Let the people talk about how great it smells. Start a conversation. Not only will it brighten up the look of your booth, a good arrangement will convey feelings of an inviting environment, something your potential clients want to be a part of.

Belle Fiori finds inspiration for our floral designs everywhere we look. Let us find inspiration in your company brand. We’ll take your colors, your style, and your desire to create connections and make them into the perfect arrangement for your business.

If your interested in florals for your Southeastern Wisconsin business or trade show, give us a call at 414-272-2234!

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