Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday this year, so we hope everyone around the Milwaukee area takes note to plan early when making reservations at local restaurants or ordering gifts and florals that need to be delivered. Our florists at Belle Fiori are excited that February 14th falls on a weekend this year and we love that people will have a couple extra days to celebrate love with friends and family.

While we believe any day is the perfect day to send the one you love a floral bouquet or arrangement, Valentine’s Day will always be one of our busiest days of the year. We encourage you to order early by calling or visiting our Milwaukee area flower shop to ensure your special someone gets exactly what you intended this year. From simple bouquets to elaborate arrangements, Belle Fiori is prepared to collaborate with you to create a personalized gift your Valentine is sure to love.

While Belle Fiori does accept Valentine’s Day orders through noon on February 14th, placing your order early will ensure you get the specific type of flowers or arrangements you’re looking for. Valentine’s Day orders placed for delivery will arrive at their destinations any time between 8am and 5pm on February 14th, so make sure to plan accordingly when deciding how you’d like to pass along your gift.

Of course, one of our most popular requests for Valentine’s Day is the traditional red rose. As the renowned symbol for love and romance, it’s been estimated that up to 200 million roses are sold in the United States each Valentine’s Day! So, people often wonder, why do roses sometimes cost more on Valentine’s Day?

Here’s a great explanation…


Why do roses cost more on Valentine’s Day?

The simple answer to this is supply and demand.

But here is a little more in-depth answer if you are interested.

– Growers need to pinch back their crops in order to time them to be ready for mid February. This leads to a period of lost production and income for the grower, which they recover by upping the price of the next crop.
– The amount of labor to harvest all these roses triples for the Valentine’s Day crop. These extra labor charges are also passed along.
– The short days and cold temperatures add to the energy costs needed to produce premium blooms.
– Transportation costs also increase. Most of the roses used today in the US are imported from Ecuador and Columbia. There is such a high demand for the holiday that there is often not enough time to wait for a return load and cargo planes return empty to pick up the next shipment of roses. The additional freight needed to move all these blooms is reflected in the price.
– We all want the BEST! A real local florist is ordering their roses a month or more ahead of time. We know the variety and grower who has the best performing flowers and we are all basically bidding on them to make sure we can offer the best quality. This is where you can see a fluctuation of pricing from one place to another. A reputable florist can’t offer a deal on roses on Valentine’s Day. A place that does has probably bought the seconds or thirds that no one else wanted to take.

How do you get the most for your money?
– Order Local!
– Order Early!
– Send a mixed arrangement that includes a few roses
– Take good care of your investment, change the water and recut the stems every couple days.

When only roses will do, we will have them and they will be spectacular! Expect a fresh arrangement of roses to last a week or more.