Our florists here at Belle Fiori truly believe that flowers, plants, or any custom arrangement really are the perfect gift for any occasion. Unfortunately, not all occasions can be happy ones. As excited as we are to provide Southeastern Wisconsin with flowers for all the happy moments in our clients’ lives, we are also here, ready and willing, to provide you with flowers in honor of those who have passed. Here are some helpful tips on how to select the perfect floral tribute for a lost loved one…
Selecting the Perfect Floral Tribute:
What to select can be determined according to relationship or familial relation to the individual being honored. Casket sprays are to be ordered by the closest living relative (i.e surviving spouse). Additionally, secondly adjacent urns/easel sprays of flowers can be ordered from the adult children and finally, small lid-pieces from grandchildren. Gifts from extended family, friends, neighbors, coworkers and other acquaintances can all be ordered and displayed around the funeral parlor or church sanctuary as well. The funeral directors will use the information listed on script ribbons and card messages to properly display the flowers for the service, so no need to stress if you’re not sure about placement yourself.
When beginning the process of funeral flower selection, you can start with a visit to the Belle Fiori website and select the options “For the Service” or “For the Home.” This resource can be used as a catalog or source of inspiration. You can then call the shop directly for personal service to insure the proper choice and to speak with one of our experts if you have any further questions regarding the process.
To the Service:
•Fresh flowers, live plants and any combination are the best options.
•Do not send paper wrapped presentation bouquets (without a water-source/vase), fruit, or gourmet baskets to the service.
•The designers at Belle Fiori are happy to assist with inspiration for incorporating themes or mementos in remembrance of the deceased. Colors of beloved sports teams, or fraternities and organizations (i.e Masonic Lodge or veterans organizations) are an easy choice. Also, favorite hobbies can be incorporated in several ways (i.e gardening, cooking, fishing, etc).
Custom floral tributes often soften the sadness of a funeral service as loved ones share happy memories inspired by the floral gift. Live plants are also a wonderful living tributes that can live on for years with sincere thoughts of sympathy from the gift giver.
*Please note that most Orthodox Jewish services do not allow flowers to the service, so in this case follow instructions to the home only.
To the Home:
 Floral choices to be sent to the home can be equally as personal, however the sender should be mindful not to send an easel tribute or one sided fan shaped tributes to a home or workplace. The design styles of these traditional items are larger and intended to be viewed from the front only. These items are designed for the short time frame of a funeral service and are often intended to be left for church services or at the cemetery. Choosing a sympathy gift for the home or workplace should be selected with thought of the recipient’s preferences, for instance a wife who is an avid plant lover may also enjoy a live plant to grow in honor of a husband’s passing. Also, gourmet and fruit baskets are a thoughtful gift if additional family is visiting (but keep in mind these items do require 1 business day advanced notice).
No matter what route you choose to send a floral gift to the service or family of someone who has passed, remember that it really is the thought that counts. Also remember that our florists here at Belle Fiori are always happy to assist our Milwaukee area clients with any questions they have about funeral flower needs, so don’t hesitate to ask.
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