A couple of weeks ago we gave you tips from our florists here at Belle Fiori about what arrangements to select and send when a friend or love one has passed. This week, we want to extend to you our etiquette for addressing sympathy cards and banners to accompany your gifted floral arrangement. We hope this provides guidance to those looking for help during such a difficult time, and we encourage you to call our Milwaukee area shop with any additional questions you may have regarding funeral arrangements or deliveries.
Addressing deliveries to the funeral service:
The flowers should be addressed with the name of the deceased, name of faculty (funeral home, church, nursing home chapel etc.) and street address of faculty. The delivery should be sent to the first event of the funeral ( i.e wake or visitation before the funeral service). If ordering online, this time information goes in the special instructions area. Placing an order for a funeral delivery is best done 72-24 hours before the service, less than 24 hours can limit the floral options available.
Bill Smith
Peaceful Funeral Home
124 Main Street
Visitation Tuesday at 4:00pm
Addressing deliveries to the home:
This delivery tag should be addressed to the survivors only, with their home address or work address. This delivery should be scheduled after the funeral services. Deliveries to the home should be scheduled to follow any travel plans if the survivors needed to travel to a distant location for the funeral, likewise after a return to work following a sympathy leave of absence.
Mary Smith
ABC Company
100 N 1st St.
Milwaukee 414-123-4567
Regarding Card messages
From extended family or personal relations:
The card may be addressed to the survivors (i.e Dear Mrs. Smith or Dear Mary and family) OR reference the deceased (In loving memory of Uncle Bill…). A message or verse may follow the greeting, closed with the names of those sending the flowers. Immediate family need not use last names.
From business partners or other acquaintances:
A simple title of “With deepest Sympathy” or “Our thoughts and prayers are with you” can be followed by the name of the organization or persons sending the flowers. Also, any personal reference to years of service, awards or achievements are always appreciated.
Make note that a traditional florist card is the easiest to read at a funeral service and can accommodate a few simple sentences and approximately 10-12 first names. Large greeting cards are best to be included with a delivery to the home.
Banners or script on ribbons:
Any messages to be included on a ribbon should list who the deceased was to the sender of the flowers (i.e. Beloved Father, Dear Uncle). Any family nick names or ethnic titles are to be used by immediate family only (i.e. Dear Aunt Cookie or the German titles Oma /Opa). The lettering on the script is not to be in lue of a message on a greeting card. Banners and script on ribbons are for deliveries to a funeral service only.