January. The holiday decorations have come down, the Christmas tree has been kicked to the curb, and well, quite frankly the house is feeling a little…empty. Sure, that’s how it looked BEFORE you put up all the decorations, but now it feels like you need a little something extra to ward off the winter weather blues. Well, what better than a little something green or floral? Research has shown that just being around plants has been linked to better moods and productivity, and our florists here at Belle Fiori think a great way to kick off the new year is adding a houseplant, or even a silk floral arrangement to your abode this season.

If you’re looking for something “lively,” there are a wide variety of houseplants out there that are hearty enough for beginners to maintain and keep flourishing throughout these winter months. Spider plants, or Chlorophytum, as they are also identified, are excellent plants for those looking for a low maintenance specimen that will still add a little earthy green to your decor. Spiders can be placed just about anywhere, (as they aren’t picky in regards to light and temperature) making them easy to add to your home or apartment’s already-in-place design. Another fun addition to your space this season may be the “Lucky Bamboo.” From the species dracaena, lucky bamboo are often chosen by those looking for a little touch of whimsy in their lives. Also hearty, these little sprigs provide not only a great pop of color to any living area, but also make a great conversation piece! (And with “luck” in the name, what better time than the new year to add this little guy to your home office or bedroom!)

So you like the idea of adding life to your home with some green, but still want a little extra color this winter? Why not consider silk arrangements and accessories? Silk flowers have come a long way in recent years, with designers putting ample research into creating pieces looking remarkably like the bloom that inspired their creation. Pair some carefully selected silks with clumps of greenery and you’ll have the perfect arrangement to fill a basket or add class to that kitschy new vase you received from Aunt Sue. Another reason we love silk here at Belle Fiori? They allow you to mix and match any colors and varieties you’d like, and can be rearranged depending on season!

We hope the Milwaukee area gets a little bit greener and more colorful throughout 2013. Keep checking back and we’ll try to provide you with more helpful tips throughout the year!