When I was in high school, all the dresses were long and most girls still wore pin-on corsages. But in recent years? Hemlines have varied in length and wrist corsages have become increasingly popular. With modern day dresses more frequently being strapless and less traditional than the full-length styles of the past, wrist corsages are a simpler, less obtrusive option for girls looking to dance all night without worrying about something falling off their dress.

Wrist corsages and pin-ons aren’t the only options. Nosegays, a less popular, but still appropriate floral option for a homecoming corsage, is another fun option to purchase for yourself, a date, or a friend to commemorate dance night. A small bouquet of flowers that can be carried throughout the evening, a nosegay can make a fun keepsake that can be displayed in a small vase for days after the event. The downside to the nosegay is that people often don’t want to worry about carrying around their flowers all evening. So, if you or your date would like to proudly display your flowers all night by keeping them close, a traditional corsage may be a better option.

If you’re not sure which option to choose this homecoming season, it never hurts to ask your date which they’d prefer. Guys and girls alike love receiving a corsage or boutonniere for a dance, so make sure to plan ahead when preparing for the busy weekend. Also, finding out what colors your date plans to wear helps our florists create something extra personal, so don’t forget to ask!

Belle Fiori is proud to serve Milwaukee and Southeastern Wisconsin by providing homecoming flowers to students throughout the area. Make sure to call in advance to place your orders for any boutonnieres and corsages needed this season. Week-of orders are usually sufficient, but make sure to call early for any special requests!

Happy Homecoming!