November always seems to go by very quickly, in just the blink of an eye you find yourself days away from Thanksgiving and hardly a month away from Christmas. With Thanksgiving nearing, you may find yourself in need of some floral décor to really make an impression on your guests this year. Belle Fiori is always happy to help bring holiday cheer to your home through our designs!

When ordering your Thanksgiving centerpiece, keep these three things in mind so the designer will better understand how to create the perfect centerpiece for you.

-Do you prefer a round or long and low design for your dining table?

-How many people will be sitting at the table?

-Would you like your centerpiece to be designed in rich, fall colors?

At Belle Fiori, we offer a variety of different styles and sizes of centerpieces to choose from. Our designers arrange centerpieces that can be viewed from all angles that also allow guests sitting at the table to chat and interact with each other. The floral centerpieces below vary in size, price, and style, all perfect for any table at your home this Thanksgiving!

Centerpiece #1 is our traditional long and low style. The flowering kale and ornamental peppers give this classic style of centerpiece a unique touch. The deep reds of the bottle brush, hypericum berries, and leucadenron used in this arrangement are balanced with coordinating purples and pinks from the snapdragons, stock and heather. This centerpiece is perfect for a table with 12 or more guests and is priced at $100.

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Centerpiece #2 is our take on a contemporary centerpiece designed in an asymmetrical long and low style. The use of air plants, lotus pods and cotton bring an earthy rustic feel to the centerpiece while also adding texture. The air plants are also a keepsake item in this centerpiece that can be used after your Thanksgiving festivities as decor in your home! The three slender candles are carefully placed to echo the asymmetrical style of the arrangement, distinguishing it from the traditional long and low style of centerpiece with candles placed side by side. The soft shades of stock, spray roses, and rice flower balance with the rich, fall colored lilies, solidago, and mums. This centerpiece is sure to wow your guests this Thanksgiving, perfect for a table of 12 or more and is priced at $180.

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Centerpiece #3 is our classic round, low and lush style designed in a clear vase. Sunflowers, red roses and black millet are always fall favorites to include in Thanksgiving arrangements. The use of rose hips, yarrow, bottle brush and solidago add texture to the arrangement as well. This centerpiece is ideal for a table of 7-10 people, but is also fitting for a coffee table or work desk. This low and lush centerpiece is priced at $80.

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Centerpiece #4 is our traditional round, low and lush style designed in a fall keepsake ceramic dish. This arrangement features fall colored roses, lilies and mums, as well as permanent botanical berries that harmonize with the rich, fall color palette. This arrangement is perfect to bring to someone’s home as a gift this Thanksgiving because the keepsake dish is oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe! This centerpiece is perfect for a table of up to six people and is priced at $65.

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Why stop at just your table looking fabulous this Thanksgiving? Many customers also choose other arrangements or bud vases in the same rich colors to place throughout their home on coffee tables, bathrooms, guest bedrooms, etc. The arrangement below features cymbidium orchids and pin cushion protea that adds an exotic touch to a modern arrangement with a fall color palette. This unique arrangement is perfect to display in an entry way to welcome guests into your home and is priced at $130. The bud vase collection below features line and focal flowers that can coordinate with your table centerpiece. These are perfect for placing in bathrooms or small tables designated as “kid’s” tables in your home this Thanksgiving. Bud vases can vary in price from $15-$25 and can include either a single stem focal flower or a small collection of flowers.

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Be sure to pre-order your Thanksgiving centerpiece this week by either stopping at our Milwaukee area shop or give us a call at 414.272.2234 so we can create something beautiful for your home this Thanksgiving!