Fourth of July is over and many of us have returned to work after a long weekend of vacationing, relaxing with friends, and enjoying the summer sun. Sure, it’s still summertime, but the week after the Fourth always seems a bit bittersweet as you try to find that next summer event you’re really looking forward to.

Imagine though, in the midst of your work-week doldrums, receiving a beautiful floral arrangement or bouquet from Belle Fiori.

A girlfriend of mine recently received a bouquet of long-stemmed, red roses at work. When I thought about what those flowers meant on that day, I realized, once again, how much I love my job as a Milwaukee area florist. When she received those flowers, not only did she¬†feel special, but the whole office of ladies gawking at how thoughtful and adorable her boyfriend was to send them, felt uplifted by the musings of random acts of kindness still present in today’s fast paced world.

So what if we all decided to take part in a week devoted to making others feel loved; to brightening someone’s ordinary week by making them feel like the center of someone’s universe?

Belle Fiori wants to do just that. That’s why we’ve decided to partner with floral distributer, Teleflora, to participate in their 2013, ‘Make Someone Smile Week’¬†taking place July 21st-27th in an effort to spread joy to those who may need a little boost of happiness this summer season. Belle Fiori is excited for the Southeastern Wisconsin community to participate in Teleflora’s efforts, and we also encourage you to shop our local, Milwaukee area shop to send bouquets to your own family, friends, and loved ones who would also love to receive a surprise gift.

Give someone you love the chance to feel as special as my friend did on that ordinary Wednesday. Give someone the gift of Belle Fiori.

To learn more about Teleflora’s ‘Make Someone Smile Week’ efforts, click here. We can’t wait to hear about the success of this year’s program!

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