Cooler temperatures, late September, and getting back into the groove of classes for many high school students means…it’s that time again-Homecoming season. Over the next couple weeks, many Milwaukee area high schools will be celebrating the decades old tradition of the homecoming football game, parade, and dance. As an exciting time for high schoolers, who are often busy participating in float building, hallway decoration and the week’s many activities, purchasing a corsage or boutonniere for their dance date may completely slip their minds. Belle Fiori wants to remind both students and parents that flowers should be ordered early, and that there are a few things to consider when purchasing a piece for your date. Check out our tips and information, and remember how important these flowers truly are. While it may seem like “just a corsage” to the average high school boy, many girls treasure their homecoming corsages as dried keepsakes for years to come. Having a beautiful, custom made piece from Belle Fiori to compliment your date’s outfit is the perfect, thoughtful detail to make the evening even more memorable.

Things to Consider:

-A corsage is purchased by the young man as a gift for his date, likewise a young lady will purchase a boutonniere for a man to wear on his suit jacket.

– Couples who plan ahead, can order their flowers together for a complimenting set.

-For school dances, 95% of dates prefer a wrist corsage.

-Corsages are worn on the left wrist, boutonnieres are worn on the left lapel with the top of the flower aligned with the stitched buttonhole of the jacket.

-When ordering a corsage, please be prepared with the color of the dress that the young lady will be wearing- i.e light blue, or golden yellow or black with gold trim.

-We recommend  that the flowers and ribbons accesorize the dress-not match identically.

-Average dance corsages are $25, very small are $20.  Fancy corsages are $30 & $35 and include a premium wrist band or fancy trim such as feathers and LED lights. Please be prepared to pay in advance for the custom design.

– Corsages can be picked up the morning of the dance or the day before a dance and should be stored in a refridgerator, by the milk and eggs- NOT A FREEZER- until leaving for the evening.

Happy Homecoming!