Walk into Belle Fiori (or any flower shop for that matter) and people always say the same thing, “It smells so amazing in here!” And yes, we quite agree! Simply walking into a space smelling of fresh florals or natural scents sends a signal to the brain that this is a “happy place” -somewhere you want to be and hang out for awhile. So, you think, why not turn your home into one of those places? Sure, there are hundreds of scented candles, sprays, and oils you can use to give your home a little bit of fragrance, but nothing quite calms the senses like something fresh. An added bonus? Plants and florals are chemical free, making us feel even better about our little olfactory indulgences.

The scents of growths such as lavender, vanilla, tuberoses, gardenias, stocks, and ginestras all provide distinct smells that will enhance the experience of entering a room. Placement of your choices can be key to creating the ideal atmosphere as well. Place something like lavender bedside and you’re likely to reap its calming effects when winding down for the day.

If you want to try adding more natural scents to your home but aren’t sure what plants to choose-trust your nose. Just like smelling candles or foods, we all have our personal preferences when it comes to what we love, so make sure to choose something that will make you want to inhale a little more deeply when entering your favorite space. Just make sure not to mix too many strong fragrances-simplicity is key!

Still not confident in your own choices? Our staff here at Belle Fiori is happy to help you choose the perfect plants with the most desirable scents! Check out a few fragrance suggestions from some popular sources…

1. Lavendar Flowers. Every part of these delicate plants are scented with oils, according to Better Homes and Gardens, so they practically ooze fragrance. Remember – these blossoms prefer growing in well-drained soil with plenty of sun.

2. Tuberose. Country Living recommends adding these fragrant bulbs, which were a favorite in the Victorian era. Plant them two or three inches deep after choosing decorative containers.

3. Lily-of-the-valley. Despite the small size of these bell-shaped blooms, they pack a fragrant punch. The best part is that they’re sturdy and can grow well in shady areas, says Better Homes and Gardens.

4. Night-blooming jasmine. These flowers are tiny and flourish in containers, says Country Living. From spring through fall, you can enjoy their lovely perfume – which can be detected within a 20-foot radius.

5. Nicotiana. A species of tobacco, these flowering plants have white trumpet-shaped blooms that open at dusk and smell of freesia.