When someone passes away, it’s natural to want to send something to the bereaved to help ease their pain. Flowers have long been traditional to send as a tribute to the cycle of life and death, as they represent life’s temporary beauty. Many people call our shop wanting to send flowers for a service or funeral but are unsure what to send.  Traditions over the years have changed a bit, but the sentiment remains the same; sending flowers is a heartfelt way to show that they are in your thoughts.

How do I know what kinds of flowers to send? This is where our designers shine. We are happy to design beautiful sympathy tributes in vases, easel sprays or casket sprays with the freshest seasonal flowers. Of course if you have a certain color palette you desire or know that the deceased loved a certain kind of flower we are happy to incorporate them in the design if possible.

Do the flowers have to look so…funeral-y?  Absolutely not!  We are increasingly seeing a trend of people wanting flower arrangements that represent the interests or hobbies of the deceased, and no color palette is “out” any longer. We can design to include any item you can think of. In the past we have done arrangements for an avid fisherman and outdoors man that incorporated a fishing basket and lure and an arrangement with a vintage hat box.

Funeral Flowers Belle Fiori Milwaukee


Do I have to send to the service, or can I send it to their home? It’s perfectly acceptable to send flowers to the home. It doesn’t have to be on the same day of the service or even the same week. There are no rules on when to send flowers and they can be a source of comfort in the weeks following the death during the grieving process.  Plants are also a commonly sent gift as their lasting beauty may serve to comfort the bereaved for years to come.

Should I send flowers if the obituary mentions an “In lieu of”?  If you wish to send flowers as well as making a donation, our suggestion is to send a blooming plant or floral arrangement to the home. By doing both you are keeping to the families wishes as well as providing a visual reminder that they are being thought of.

Should I send flowers to a cremation service? It is common practice for a family to have a celebration of life or memorial service with flowers.  Flowers add to the celebration whether displayed with an urn or photos of the deceased.


Sympathy Flowers Belle Fiori Milwaukee

Are there any cases where I should not send flowers?  Some religions and cultures do not use flowers in their burial ceremonies. If in doubt, it’s always best to check to see if they are accepted. If not, we can design fruit or gift baskets to suit the needs of the service.

We are happy to help you order the perfect arrangement to send.  You can view sympathy  flower arrangements on our website, or for a custom arrangement or to discuss your needs contact us at 414.272.2234.