Extensive time and planning go into the styling of magazine photoshoots and page layouts. Regardless of whether the spread will be a high-fashion couture statement piece, or a Better Homes & Gardens style home decor feature, detailed preparation goes into the setup and aesthetics of the entire shoot. From the colors to the lighting, presenting everything perfectly is something stylists and photographers strive for.

Florals are also an important element of magazine photo styling. In fact, at Belle Fiori’s Milwaukee area flower shop, it’s one of our favorite creative outlets. Stylized shoots and home decor inspiration setups usually provide us with a concept and direction as presented by the creative team. From there, we are able to pull colors, shapes, and textures from the other environmental elements or outfits, and further enhance the backdrop. Think…dramatic bridal gown. What do we pair it with? Maybe some elegant lilies mimicking the lines of the dress.

No matter what the concept, our florists are always excited to create bouquets and floral arrangements for magazine spreads. The creative possibilities are endless, and it provides us with further inspiration to design pieces for your own Southeastern Wisconsin weddings, homes, and events.

If you’re interested in utilizing Belle Fiori’s team for a professional photo shoot in the Milwaukee area, give us a call!


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