Belle Fiori's partner farm in northern Wisconsin provides heirloom flowers in a field to vase movement

One of the sure signs of spring here at Belle Fiori isn’t just the arrivals of daffodils and hyacinths, it’s the arrival of the farm van full of flowers from our partner farm in Cecil, Wisconsin. “The farm van is here, the farm van is here!” the delighted designer’s crow, as they inspect the beautiful heirloom blooms that will be added to bouquets for brides and for floral arrangements that will be delivered all over Milwaukee WI.

belle fiori designer chooses heirloom flowers for floral arrangments
The Field to Vase Movement
As we all move to leave a smaller carbon footprint on the earth, buying local can significantly reduce fuel and travel time for flowers. While our climate doesn’t allow for growing tropical flowers, many flowers bloom during our summer and fall season and are grown here from approximately April to November. Our partnership with sustainable flower farms means premium, fresh and vibrant blooms that make stunning floral arrangements that Belle Fiori is known for in Milwaukee.

French lavender, dusty miller and orange ranunculus are some of the favorites of the Belle Fiori designers at their Milwaukee WI flower shop

Heirloom Curated Collections
Incorporating Wisconsin-grown natives, prairie flowers, cattails, and grasses are a favorite of many of our customers as they remind them of summers up north, fields near their grandparents and sentimental memories of growing up in the Midwest. Some of the favorite seasonal flowers we may incorporate are flowers such as Queen Anne’s Lace, Black Eyed Susan’s, Tulips, Dahlias, and Zinnias.

fragrant hyacinths will be used in bridal bouquets at Belle Fiori Seedling Through Bloom

Our partner farm works with both the interest of the earth and of our customers. By using crop rotation, they monitor careful the health of the soil and the land so that the blooms that produced are of the highest quality. Because young seedlings are especially delicious to bugs, they are treated with minimal chemicals to ensure their growth and health and are kept sheltered from damaging wind and rains by hoop houses which help them grow strong and pretty.

Succulents are popular choices for bridal bouquets at Belle Fiori, LTD

Sending Seasonal Flowers
If you want to send unique, beautiful arrangements featuring seasonal flowers contact us at the shop and our talented designers will create you a stunning design!   Call Belle Fiori at (414) 272-2234.