When a customer calls or stops in Belle Fiori’s Milwaukee shop to order an arrangement, we as the floral experts have to develop a precise language that allows us to very quickly synthesize a multitude of possibilities.  What inventory do we have? What designs are possible? What budget are we working within? And most importantly, what is the customer really expecting?

We often hear subjective descriptions like “nice”, “simple”, “pretty”, or even “whimsical”, and it is our job to explore those words further and interpret what the customer is really saying. Flowers are not just a commodity after all, they are almost always a special gift with a significant meaning behind them, and we need to accurately translate the intention from customer to receiver.

Through many years of training, experience, and growing as a shop, we have created a streamlined process of ordering that allows us to not only remain in the creative seat, but also guide and educate our customers.

The floral examples below are two separate arrangements with an almost identical recipe, budget and vibrant color palette, and yet they are both very different from each other. Both fall into our most popular, medium category at $75.00.

Arrangement #1 is what we would describe as our “Tall & Asymmetrical” option in a vase with height. The flower stems are left long and are spaced apart with greenery in between. It has an airy feel with levels of depth like a garden would have. This style tends to be statelier and would look great on a larger surface, like a dining room table or in a business lobby.


Arrangement #2 is our “Low & Lush” option in a short vase. The flowers are arranged very close together in a compact style with very little greenery. It has a modern and stylish vibe which would be fitting for a coffee table or a work desk.

It really all comes down to personal preference, and one thing is for sure, we want everyone who orders flowers with us 100% confident in their purchase from the minute we say hello to the moment of the recipient joyfully unwrapping the package!