My dream wedding has changed a lot since my Disney princess fantasies as a child. As a four year old, a grown man in a suit of armor riding a horse sounded so romantic and normal. Now, at twenty seven, that seems like a noisy hot mess. While the idea of wearing a dress that would rival Princess Diana’s wedding gown doesn’t strike my fancy like it used to, I’m still envisioning grandiose event details. Now that I’m in a position to have an actual, real and true wedding, my brain is going through never ending “yes, no, maybe-so” judgement calls on every wedding detail that could ever be conjured up by photoshoots and blog posts (even this one). 

The struggle is real. Due to my daily involvement/addiction with Pinterest and Instagram I feel the need to make my wedding unique and original. Which is easier said than done. This post is the beginning of my brainstorming process to create a weird, pretty, and shiny/sparkly wedding look. 

Like every good bride-to-be, I started with a Pinterest board and gathered images of styles and colors I liked and then tried to go a step ahead by finding non-wedding inspiration. I drew from my art history background and came up with an idea.  An idea that can easily be found on Pinterest already! Alright, not exactly. Cynicism aside, I was inspired Georgia O’Keefe. Her color palettes and imagery from her Southwest period seemed easily translatable to centerpieces and event decor. While Southwest themes can be found on Pinterest, I tried to focus on the striking colors in O’Keefe’s work. My goal was not to create a southwest theme, but find an inspiration that highlights burgundy, purples and blues, while finding a reason, other than hunting, to incorporate a deer skull into my piece. 

Here are images from round one of my design experiments. We’ll see how my ideas changes over the year to come. Wish me luck!


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