When I started working at the flower shop about 6 years ago, the words ‘cascade bouquet’ would bring to mind huge puffy white sleeves, giant veils and of course a long waterfall of flowers accented by trails of Ivy. I was a child of the eighties and needless to say I was pretty skeptical about the resurrection of this glammed out wedding trend when I started designing for Belle Fiori.

Doing some research around web, it appears that the cascade bouquet is actually a modern version of what was once called a “shower bouquet” from 1910, which then reached its peak during the 20’s and 30’s. You have probably seen these bouquets if you’ve ever come across old black and white wedding portraits from those eras.


Princess Diana brought this floral style back to popularity for a short stint in the 1980’s after nearly 5 decades of dormancy, with an enormous and iconic wedding cascade bouquet, and now we are starting to see the emergence yet again throughout the Midwest and in Southeastern Wisconsin.


As the slow comeback of the cascade trickles into our shop we are so happy and surprised to see how much the style has evolved and improved. I absolutely love making them! Take a look at some of these gorgeous and unique modern cascade bouquets we’ve made at Belle Fiori from the last couple of years:

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