Carnations are historically a flower that represented love and affection. However, it’s not unusual for people to say “No Carnations!” when they order an arrangement. At Belle Fiori we feel Carnations need a better PR agent, and we are here to share our love for this frilly, fragrant, frugal flower.

Emily Neubauer, owner of Belle Fiori says:

“People have a dislike for carnations because usually receive one stem, with no greenery from a gas station wrapped in cellophane. Another complaint is that they break easily. Flowers, like lots of things have different grades.  And as you can imagine, the cheaper flowers like those from a gas station are not of the highest quality and are probably not properly cared for and kept hydrated, so they break easily. When you have good carnations, they have a beautiful, lush, velvety texture. When mixed with more premium flowers, they can add depth and dimension to an arrangement”

Frilly: Carnations vary in size from charming button size to large blooms, and most carnations have 40 or more petals on them which gives them a plush feel. They also come in a dazzling array of colors from solids to two tones. We’ve often had people mistake very full carnations for peonies, a much more premium flower.

Fragrant: Depending on the variety, carnations can have a soft smell of cloves or cinnamon. It’s very subtle, not as strong as a garden rose but still quite lovely.

Frugal: It’s true that carnations are a less expensive flower. But they are hearty, long lasting and can add volume and interest to any arrangement.

The next time you send a floral arrangement, don’t be afraid to have carnations included!