Belle Fiori’s September Plant of the Month is a great little houseplant with an often little known name. Available in white, red, pink and yellow, kalanchoes can brighten up any room with their small but numerous blooms. Known for their long lasting flowers, kalanchoes can (and should!) be kept even after they lose their color. Simply trim the flowered portion once the flower deadens and it’ll grow back and bloom again beautifully in time.

The Kalanchoe

Description: Kalanchoes are hardy but need a good deal of sun to be beautiful.

Light: They prefer sunny south windows but may do okay in sunny east or west windows. This plant is more adpt to rebloom in a home setting with 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness, Spring and Fall.

Temperature: Average home temperature above 55 F.

Watering: Allow the surface of the soil to dry, then water the plant well and drain off excess water from the tray.

Trouble-shooting: Plant should be potted in cactus soil (a more sandy soil than loamy medium). Mis-shapen leaves can result from the plant not getting enough sun.