This month, we’ve chosen a well known yard plant for Belle Fiori’s October feature. Chrysanthemums, or “Mums,” are hardy plants that can be found at a variety of garden centers and home improvement stores throughout Wisconsin. With a variety of color, size and bloom variations, it can be fun to mix and match mum varieties to create gorgeous landscapes. Since they’re perennials, it’s also fun to watch mums re-bloom each year-often larger and more beautiful than the year before!

Description: Chrysanthemums are some of the most well known and easiest to maintain perennials. Mums, as they are more commonly known, come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and flower shapes. They make perfect yard decorations, as they are easy to plant and return each year when properly cared for.

Light: Mums thrive best in full sun, so be sure to plant them where they will receive adequate light throughout the day-5-6 hours of sunlight per day is recommended.

Temperature: Mums are hardy outdoor plants and will survive in a variety of Spring and Fall climates. As long as they aren’t exposed to a hard frost, mums should survive.

Watering: A rule of thumb is to water a mum as you would water your lawn. Be sure not to overwater, as mums have shallow roots and need adequate drainage. Sandy, fertile soil is best.

Trouble-shooting: Make sure not to overwater, as chrysanthemums can be prone to mildew. Dividing and replanting every few years can help maintain the health of these perennials.