Want to feel tropical without going outdoors in Wisconsin’s uncharacteristically hot summer? Belle Fiori has a great suggestion for you- add a palm plant to your home this season! Palms are great houseplants and generally low maintenance if you know where to place them in your home. Also known aesthetically for their texture and size, palms make great decorative pieces for any room with adequate light. Check out the details, and feel free inquire more with our florists if you have further questions!


Description: Excellent floor plants that are easy-care. There are many different varieties with varying heights and leaf size.

Light: Prefers a sunny east or west window, or a few feet away from a south window. Grows fine in low light.

Temperature: Average home temperature between 50 – 80 F, with as much moisture in the air as possible. Circulating air is good for this plant.

Watering: Mist frequently. Don’t allow the soil to dry out between waterings, as palm fronds will brown and die if the soil is too dried out.  A 6-foot palm in a 12-inch pot typically will need 1 quart of water, twice a week. Be sure the palm has good drainage so that it does not sit in a pan of water. Sponge off the leaves (or give the plant a shower) once in a while for optimal growth.

Trouble-shooting: Tips of palm fronts may turn brown if the soil dries out, and the tips can be cut off (round the end of the leaf, don’t blunt-cut it). If an entire frond turns brown, cut it off the plant. Palms do not like dry, hot, stale air or cold drafts. The former conditions are particularly problematic because they encourage spider mites.