It’s prom season for many high schoolers throughout Southeastern Wisconsin and our florists at Belle Fiori have been busy preparing to create a variety of beautiful corsages and custom boutonnieres. For many, these flowers are something that really makes them feel elegant on prom night, a little token of an extra special evening. What’s especially exciting about these fun little accents, is that they’ve come a long way since the proms of the past. Today, corsages can be a trendy way to express the style and personality of the wearer by using unique colors, textures, and flowers not often seen in the more traditional pieces we remember. Feathers, jewels, or small accessories can all be added to your favorite flowers to create standout prom night looks.
     But what should you choose for yourself or your date? Traditionally, guys will ask their dates the color of their dress and order a corsage in the same shade. But don’t think you have to present your guy or girl with a perfectly matched hue of color. Finding flowers in a similar tone but lighter or darker than her dress often works well when coordinating. And if your date is a little more bold or has multi-colored ensemble? Pick something bright that will complement. Even if it doesn’t “match” your attire, mixing colors and adding statement accents is a trend to embrace this season, and can make choosing your corsage or boutonniere a little more fun.
     Another tidbit our florists like to share? Matchy-matchy corsages and boutonnieres needn’t be a stress point. By simply choosing a common element, whether it be a certain color or type of flower, couples can still look coordinated but stylish.
     If you’re interested in ordering your corsage or boutonniere from Belle Fiori, here’s a few things to remember:
•Pieces should be ordered one week prior to prom if you’re looking to order a specific variety of flower, though the average order can be placed on a Wednesday for the weekend.
•We understand that there’s a lot to remember around this exciting time, and Belle Fiori is happy to accommodate last minute Friday or Saturday orders, though availability will be limited.
•Belle Fiori is happy to take orders over the phone. Our skilled florists will be prepared with a variety of questions for you to ensure we create the perfect corsage or boutonniere for your date.
•If time allows, we love to meet couples in person to discuss what you’re looking for! Stopping in at our Milwaukee area shop will enable us to talk with you face to face about your prom night vision.
     Belle Fiori considers it a privilege to work with clients of all ages and we love working with our younger customers to keep up with the latest trends. Make sure to consider Belle Fiori for Prom 2013!
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