Many people ask what the difference is between buying fresh flowers from our store or at their local grocery store. At Belle Fiori we pride ourselves in knowing we only use the very best florist-quality flowers that are professionally designed and hand-delivered to the Milwaukee area. Flowers come to our store world-wide from places such as South America and Holland. 

One of the leading growers we receive flowers from at Belle Fiori is Esmeralda Farms located in various different regions of South America. Esmeralda Farms is committed to delivering the freshest and highest quality fresh cut flowers in the floral industry. They are a market leader in innovation, quality and consistency due to their state-of-the-art production methods and dedicated staff. The diverse growing regions in Central and South America where their farms are located enable them to take advantage of the different climatic conditions and soil compositions. Everyday, Esmeralda is working towards total biological control by using minimal quantities of pesticides in their farms. When chemicals are used excessively, an unattractive residue builds up on the leaf surface, reducing vase life, and can also be harmful to humans and pets. Esmeralda, however, uses 75% less pesticides than an average flower farm and only uses chemicals that are certified and approved for use by the EPA, FLP and Florverde. Esmeralda Farms recieved the International Silver Rose Award as Eco-certified grower of the year for their use of responsible and sustainable horticulture. 

Esmeralda Farms also takes different environmental initiatives through different programs such as Florverde and FlorEcuador. Florverde is an internationally recognized program created by the Colombian Association of Flower Exporters that betters the social and environmental conditions of the Colombian Flower Industry by continuously striving to achieve the highest standards at the farms and for its workers on multiple levels. FlorEcuador is the socio-environmental program of Expoflores, Ecuador’s National Association of Flower Producers and Exporters, which promotes social responsibility, improving work conditions of flower growers, seeks sustainable production with optimal resource and energy management, and increases the use of biological and alternative pesticides. 

We hope the next time you buy flowers, you choose Belle Fiori to ensure you are getting only the best premium fresh-cut flowers!
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