We love to share our flower stories, but today we want to introduce you to another very important part of the Belle Fiori team…our delivery drivers!

Meet our amazingly organized and oh so fashionable friend and driver Byron Fulsom. Byron has been delivering flowers for Belle Fiori since the beginning of 2016, and now we don’t know what we ever did without his wit, charm, calm demeanor, and very neat handwriting. Here’s the Belle Fiori exclusive interview!

Byron 004

What is your favorite flower?
Toss up between Hydrangeas (puffy clouds of loveliness) and orchids (so delicate, yet tough and sturdy).

Where is your favorite place to deliver?
I enjoy the Third Ward , there’s so much going on with all of the businesses, restaurants, living spaces and people watching…I really enjoy the variety.

Reading, good times with family and friends, bowling, billiards, darts, following professional sports, eating good food, listening to good music.

What is your favorite road music?
While delivering flowers, I switch between sports/talk radio, R&B/soul and classic rock.

Weirdest reactions to a flower delivery?
A recipient thought I was a scammer, and would not believe I was delivering flowers to him. (They were from his eye doctor…) Another time a woman in the hospital told me to go away, because she did not think anyone would send her flowers. (She eventually accepted them with a smile!)

Best reaction to a flower delivery?
When someone called me his “Lil’ Flower Homie”

Any time I receive a tip!

The smiles, happiness and surprise on people’s faces when they are handed a beautiful arrangement!Byron 001