Welcome to our first official blog post for Belle Fiori’s newly revamped site! We hope that you’ve taken the time to check out the new layout. Now that we’re officially up and running here as well, we hope you’ll check back regularly for posts about great local events, what’s in season, and fun sneak peeks at some of our favorite work throughout the ¬†Milwaukee area. Our work with weddings, events and everyday floral arrangements provides us with continuous projects packed with creativity, and we look forward to sharing some of our favorite final pieces with you here.

Today’s post is an ease into our “Plant of the Month” blogs. Each month, we hope to provide you with a little information about a new bloom including tips on how to make them thrive. Check out this month’s pick-the Begonia.


Description: Begonias bloom in red, pink, white, or orange. They make beautiful house or patio plants.

Light: Sunny east or west window.

Temperature: Ideally, the begonia should be in a home between 60 – 70 F, but not above 75 F in dry heat.

Watering: Water thoroughly and after an hour, pour off any excess water in the dish. Water again when a pinch of the plant’s soil feels only slightly damp.

Trouble-shooting: Leaf edges will brown and blooms will dry up if the air is hot, dry, and stale. Additionally, begonias are succeptible to powdery mildew.