Our florists at Belle Fiori field a lot of questions about how to prolong the life of a fresh cut floral bouquet. Last week, we gave you some tips about how to preserve your arrangement, and this week, we want to answer a question from one of our Milwaukee clients more specific to plant food.

Michelle asks:

I’ve got one for you that I was just thinking about this weekend. When I buy flowers (or they are bought for me) they come with that plant food packet. Does that really make a difference in how long your flowers will last? What should I do to maximize the life of my table arrangement? -Michelle D.

My Advice:

There are a few different manufacturers of “flower food” packets, but no matter what, the brand name the product is by far the best option for extending the life of fresh cut flowers in a vase of water. Old wives tales include; aspirin, pennies, clear soda or bleach just to name a few, none of these work as well as a professionally balanced solution. “Flower food” has been developed by experts in both botany and chemistry, it provides the perfect blend of what a plant needs to continue it’s life cycle after being removed for the mother plant.  This blend contains a sugar element to feed the flowers, an acidic element to prevent bacteria from growing in the water and an absorption enhancer to keep the stems drinking fresh water.  Don’t just toss those packets in a junk drawer, mix them with fresh water and enjoy a long lasting vase of happy flowers!

Check back in the coming weeks for more ‘Ask the Expert’ features, and remember, professional flower food is the way to go. Trust us!

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