We are often asked if we can recycle the flowers used in a large event and or weddings, while we do compost our own organic waste we do not take back any product that was delivered or used to dispose of.   There is a local company that saw the need for a solution and thus came Petals for Patients!

They will pick up your leftover flowers immediately following your event and use those flowers to create bouquets to distribute to hospice patients and their families and they even provide you with a tax-deductible receipt!  They partner with local hospitals, nursing homes and hospice facilities to distribute bouquets of flowers to brighten their days! Save yourself the hard work of clean up and brighten someone’s day by donating your leftover flowers to Petals for Patients!

Visit their site to learn more! http://www.petalsforpatients.com/


*While we are not affiliated with Petals for Patients we think it’s a great cause and recommend using their services.*