In 2018 we saw pastels and greenery hit their peak popularity, introduced more heavily in 2017, greenery had replaced florals all together for some brides last year. We personally have experienced an increase in foliage as focal points, centerpieces, cake decor, and even hair crowns.  This lush, simple look is typically styled with minimal florals, acting as accents to create depth within the greenery. While the trend as of late has been pastel florals, copper and muted hues we will see this shift towards bold jewel tones, statement pieces, definitive mixed textures with a romantic touch.

While we don’t expect the rustic or boho style weddings to completely phase out just yet, we do predict an increase in new trends like industrial chic.  This style balances masculine exposed raw materials with feminine romance to create the perfect balance. This style will still have fewer florals than a traditional style wedding but will have a noticeable increase from the organic minimalist style.  Bouquets will still be filled with lush greenery but with a twist, by adding statement florals in bold, jeweled tones to create maximum depth and texture. This style is popular and easily attainable in Milwaukee because of the diverse venues the city has to offer!

We’re also excited to see some aspects of traditional weddings making a comeback.  While they never really went away, candles have definitely taken a backseat to new trends in the past few years.  We’re seeing more requests for traditional taper candles mixed in with modern greenery centerpieces for a unique look, all it’s own!

We’re noticing couples are veering towards less of a structured theme while preferring to loosely pinpoint a theme while incorporating their own unique style to bring a perfect mix that represents the couple.   Whatever your style may be, we’re on board and we’d love to help bring those ideas to life!