socially unconventional in a way regarded as characteristic of creative artists; bohemian.

In the running for one of the most popular styles over the past few years, Boho has become socially conventional, a trend. What exactly is a Boho style wedding? Typically a boho wedding includes vintage accents and natural elements such as aged wood, twigs and succulents. A large focus is placed on florals that looked like they were hand-picked from a garden. This style tends to be slightly edgy but definitely still has a romantic feel. The designs in this style tend to be wispy and free formed nothing like the structured floral arrangements you see at a traditional wedding. The decor itself is eclectic and artsy which results in a completely unique experience with each couple.

While we don’t see the Boho wedding trend fading out anytime soon, it is evolving. What started as a soft and whimsical style focused on nature and often held in barns has evolved into a darker, edgier style. This includes a darker more dramatic color palette.  You will also see more of the industrial spaces for their venues versus the ever so popular barn venues that have become a favorite.  Thanks to their open space and clean palette, industrial venues are perfect for the bride who wants to make it her own without any style restrictions. These weddings tend to choose small local vendors to cater their wedding, we’ve even seen brides opting for food trucks!

Boho weddings, no matter what direction you take them; whimsical, beachy, or chic, can be done on a budget and often involves a lot of DIY.  Brides are less worried about everything matching and staying within a color palette than they do the overall vibe of the wedding.  A great way to learn DIY centerpieces, bouquets or flower crowns are floral design classes. Belle Fiori offers private Floral Design classes customized to what you are looking for!