Special Event Recap – Wisconsin LGBT Wedding Expo

Marriage equality in Wisconsin is bringing more and more couples into the mix of Milwaukee wedding planning. Belle Fiori is thrilled to be a part of that. No matter what sort of celebration you’re planning, our florists are always excited to cater to the visions of our couples. If you are needing floral decor for your wedding, be sure to call us today at 414.272.2234 to schedule a complimentary consultation!

Belle Fiori recently participated in the second annual LGBT Wedding Expo presented by the Wisconsin LGBT Chamber of Commerce hosted at the Hilton Milwaukee City Center. This year, we created a wedding theme including rich, fall colors combined with a variety of different textures in items such as bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, and table decor. The deep tones of burgundy and plum in the cymbidiums, mini calla lilies, carnations and stock were the perfect combination to create a deep, fall color pallete while the crisp and rough textures of scabiosa and thistle gave each arrangement a rustic semblance. We had a great time greeting and discussing wedding plans with our LGBT community this year!

Many thanks to everyone we partnered with for this great Southeastern Wisconsin event, and a special shout out to our friends at Married in Milwaukee for doing such an awesome job promoting it!

Check out some fabulous shots of our work by the always wonderful Reminisce Studio!

0000 Reminisce Studio by Miranda & Adam (2) 0002 Reminisce Studio by Miranda & Adam 0003 Reminisce Studio by Miranda & Adam 0004 Reminisce Studio by Miranda & Adam 0005 Reminisce Studio by Miranda & Adam 0006 Reminisce Studio by Miranda & Adam 0007 Reminisce Studio by Miranda & Adam 0009 Reminisce Studio by Miranda & Adam

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