Romance on a Tuesday?  Belle Fiori Shares Ways to Make a Midweek Valentine’s Day Special in Milwaukee

Valentines Day Flowers and GiftsFlowers are universal!  In every country flowers are seen as a gesture of how deeply you care for someone. With Valentine’s Day falling on a Tuesday this year, you have the unique opportunity to wow them with a weekend of romance before the big day!

Start the weekend off with romance

It’s the little things mean a lot, and everyone loves a special meal. Planning for a night in can be as romantic as a night out! A specially prepared meal (by you or your favorite restaurant) and a beautifully set table with rose petals strewn about will help the stress of the week melt away.  You can go with the classic red rose petals, or we also have white, pink, and assorted romantic colors to choose from.

Take notice of their style

Isn’t it great when someone gets you that perfect gift and it’s just so “you”? With a little bit of thought we can help personalize the design of your arrangement and deliver a custom gift that will wow them.

Think about:

Are they traditional/classic, or more trendy/funky in their styling?
Are there any flowers you know they love?

Do you know their favorite color, or a color palette that they are especially drawn to?
If you are unsure of these questions, don’t worry. Our helpful designers will suggest some popular selections for you.  We have low and lush more modern compact designs to a taller and airy designs depending on their aesthetic preference.
Include a final touch

For the cherry on top of the sundae of love we have many beautiful watercolor cards in stock from local artist James Steeno.  We can hand-write a message of affection from you, or if you stop in to pick up your flowers you can write your own.  We also have local artisanal chocolates, Eco Soy candles, teddy bears, scarves and many other unique gift items in the shop to include. Just ask any of our friendly staff and we can put together a gift combination that will delight.

It’s not too early to plan, Belle Fiori is already beginning to take orders for Valentine’s Day!  We can deliver to any metro Milwaukee location.

If you want to enjoy flowers over the weekend, delivery can be scheduled for Friday February 10th or Saturday February 11th.

If you prefer closer to the holiday, we can deliver on Monday February 13 or on Valentine’s Day, Tuesday February 14.

Call us today to talk with us to help you make Valentine’s Day amazing! 414.227.2234



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