Holiday Planning – Administrative Professionals Week

Did you know Administrative Professionals Week is coming up? This year’s official Administrative Professionals Day is April 22nd and Belle Fiori wants to remind those in the Milwaukee area looking for gifts that our shop has plenty of options.

Beginning during WWII, the National Secretaries Association was formed to recognize the contributions of secretaries and other administrative personnel to the economy, to support their personal development, and to help attract people to administrative careers in the field. As time went on, the National Secretaries Association grew to become the International Association of Administrative Professionals, evolving to keep pace with the growing economy and administrative roles. Officially named Administrative Professionals week in 2000, this day is becoming more widely recognized by businesses across the United States.

Administrative Professionals Day is just one of many reasons to gift a fun floral arrangement or item from Belle Fiori. Some of our increasingly popular gifted options include succulents and air plants. They’re the perfect way to brighten up any space, and super easy to maintain.

Check out some tips on maintaining air plants below, and make sure to stop into our Milwaukee area shop to pick up your selection later on this month!

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How to Care for your Air Plant

Air Plants, also known as Tillandsia, are quite a unique option  for your home, and can be some of the easiest to grow compared to other houseplants. Air plants use tiny vessels located throughout their leaves, also known as trichomes, to capture nutrients and mositure from the air and into their environment. Air plants use their roots to anchor themselves to an object which allows them to grow anywhere! The flexibility of air plants to be grown in a variety of different locations has lead to their increased popularity for decoration of the home or office.

Light: Airplants will grow properly in bright, indirect light. Most airplants do not like direct sunlight all day so this should be avoided during the summer months.

Watering: To water your airplant, simply remove them from their decorative container and soak in a room temperature water bath once a week for 30 – 45 minutes. It is best to soak your airplant in the morning. Completely immerse the air plant in the water and let sit. Once the 30-45 minute bath is up, remove the airplant, place on a towel, and let it sit to dry fully- this should take about 2-3 hours. Once your airplant is dry, you may place it back in its decorative container.

Other care: Browning tips is most likely a sign of under watering. You may remove the tips with a small clippers or by pinching them off, and then increase the amount of  time you soak your air plant.  Any shriveling leaves around the base of your airplant can easily be pinched off as well- this is a natural part of the life cycle and will not harm the airplant.

Blooming: Your airplant may develop a beautiful bloom in its lifetime. If a bloom appears, continue the watering schedule as usual, but take care not to soak the bloom. When the bloom wilts, you may clip it off.



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