Easy Growing Shamrock Plants are at Belle Fiori for St Patrick’s Day!

The promise of warmer weather with a few beautiful 60 degree days has been bringing people into Belle Fiori looking for beautiful green plants for their home.  The “Shamrock Plant” or Oxalis is a beautiful easy to grow plant that is a popular choice! The shamrock plant has three rounded or triangular-shaped leaves at the end of delicate stems. Most Oxalis plants fold up their leaves at night, hugging them tight to the stems until daylight “wakes them up” again.

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The shamrock is seen as a symbol of rebirth and heralds the arrival of spring. St. Patrick, who is credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland, was said to have plucked a shamrock from the grass at his feet to illustrate the doctrine of the Holy Trinity to his congregation. The shamrock was adopted as a symbol of both this patron saint and the “season of rebirth.”


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Shamrocks like cool air, moist soil and bright filtered light.  Unlike many plants, they actually prefer to be a bit crowded in a pot because they have a shallow root system.  During their active period when they are flowering and growing, water when the soil dries out, and fertilize every two to three weeks.  After the active growth period (generally in fall) your Shamrock will look as though it’s sick and dying.  This is normal! During this period of dormancy move the plant and let it “sleep” in a cool, dark place (such as a basement) for about 10-12 weeks or until you see new green shoots appearing. Once you see the new shoots, gently remove the browned leaves and place back in that bright filtered light.

Belle Fiori has beautiful, full shamrock plants in stock to brighten up your home or a loved one’s home!




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