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Did you know that June is National Rose Month? Belle Fiori wants to spread the word (and hopes you’ll spread the stems) throughout Southeastern Wisconsin this month. Check out some fun facts about roses, and some creative suggestions for spreading a little rose colored love this June.


–  Since 1986 the rose has been the official National Floral Emblem of the United States.

– A rose is the official state flower of: the District of Columbia, Georgia, Iowa, New York, and North Dakota.

– The Rose Parade in Psadena, California, an important part of America’s New Year’s celebration, was first held on January 1,1890.

– There are over 100 species of roses and they come in a variety of colors.

– Rose hips can be used in food products like jelly, or for tea, and has high Vitamin C content. Rose hip seed oil is also high in Vitamin C and good for your skin and can be found as an ingredient in cosmetics.


– Roses are ancient symbols of love and beauty.

– A thornless rose signifies love at first sight.

– The rosebud symbolizes beauty, youth and a heart innocent of love. A single rose in full bloom means “I love you” or “I still love you.” White rosebud symbolizes girlhood.

– Yellow roses are perfect to send to a true friend. The yellow rose is a symbol for joy and friendship, and yellow roses send a message of new beginnings, making it the perfect rose gift for new mothers.

– One single red rose means “I love You”, and two red roses together engagement or “marry me.”

Ways to Celebrate This Month:

1. Give someone a color based on your relationship and the color symbolism of the rose. Generally, red symbolizes love and romance, white symbolizes innocence, yellow is for friendship, pink is for gratitude and appreciation, orange is for enthusiasm and purple is for enchantment.

2. Give a rose bush if you prefer a longer-lasting gift. There are many more options available today than there used to be. The standard-size rose bush in an almost endless variety of colors is one option, or you might choose to give someone a climbing rose if it is appropriate for her planting location.

3. Give a hybrid tea rose or a miniature rose bush to someone with little or no yard space. These can be grown in a container on a patio or deck. Miniature roses also do well indoors if they are placed in an area where they receive approximately six hours of sunlight a day.

4. Give a rose to numerous people, not just to the love of your life. Take a rose to an elderly person who could use a little beauty to brighten his world. Give a rose to someone who has made a difference in your life or your day with his upbeat personality or caring attitude. Surprise a person who works in a care-giving field with an appreciation rose. Buy yourself a bouquet of roses.

5. Visit a botanical garden or a rose garden. You also might start your own rose garden in your backyard

For a direct link or more information on National Rose Month, click here.


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