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Is moving your houseplants outside in the summer months a good idea?

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After a long winter indoors in Milwaukee, we all yearn for a little fresh air and sunshine outside. Most plants benefit from some warm sun and soft rains, but there are a few things to keep in mind when moving … Continue reading

Easy Growing Shamrock Plants are at Belle Fiori for St Patrick’s Day!

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The promise of warmer weather with a few beautiful 60 degree days has been bringing people into Belle Fiori looking for beautiful green plants for their home.  The “Shamrock Plant” or Oxalis is a beautiful easy to grow plant that … Continue reading

Need an easy to grow houseplant? Meet your new friend Tilly.

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Tillandsia, better known to us as air plants are quirky plant that are in the Bromeliad family. Native to the southern states of the US and in South America, they have found favor with fans who call them by their … Continue reading