Belle Fiori’s June Plant of the Month-Anthurium

As a high end Milwaukee florist, clients come into Belle Fiori not only to choose flowers for weddings or other events, but also to ask us what they can and can’t make thrive in their own homes. Often times, people are interested in housing the beautiful, tropical plants that remind them of happier times and warmer weather, but fear they won’t be able to keep them alive. In the spirit of what will hopefully be a warm Wisconsin summer, Belle Fiori has chosen the Anthurium as its June “Plant of the Month.” This plant is certainly tropical in nature, but with the right conditions and a little TLC can be grown in homes all around. Check out what it takes…


Description: This relative of the philodendron and calla lily blooms long-lasting, waxy, heart-shaped flowers. They are tropical flowers and love high humidity and warmth.

Light: Sunny east or west window in winter, and bright, in-direct sun in summertime. They will grow but stay small under fluorescent light.

Temperature: Ideal temperature is 60 – 70 F.

Watering: Water about every 3 days or often enough to keep the soil evenly moist.

Trouble-shooting: Allowing the plant to dry out can cause brown leaf tips and margins. New growth will wither in a hot and dry environment, while a cold and wet environment can cause the roots to rot.

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