Belle Fiori Employee Feature-Meet Jo Ann!

This week more than ever, I have to give a big shout out to Belle Fiori’s entire staff, including those extra special helpers with us during Valentine’s day. It’s a crazy time, and I’m ever grateful for the dedication and incredible customer service our team displays when preparing and delivering your floral bouquets and arrangements throughout the Milwaukee and Southeastern Wisconsin area. Roses or lilies, your design or ours, Belle Fiori’s florists love making your holiday a special one.

So, thank you to our staff this week and always, and say hello to this week’s employee feature, Jo Ann…

Name: Jo Ann Bishop

How long have you worked at Belle Fiori? Started mid-September 2014

What is your position? Administrative Assistant

When you were 10 years old, what did you want to be? Eleven, I think.

What is your favorite season? I love the fall with the changing temperatures and crispness of the air.  It reminds me of back-to-school time and a re-organizing of a schedule of life after a more loosely paced summer.  

If you weren’t in the field of floral design, what would you be doing? Living in a villa in Italy and preparing and eating delicious, local food.  Surrounded by beautiful flowers, of course.  

What is your favorite part about living in Milwaukee? I recently moved to the Lower East Side and enjoy the convenience of walking to work, the theater, movies and Lake Michigan  One of my favorite things to do in the neighborhood is walk my dog along the lake and bask in the energy and ever changing colors of the water.

What would I find in your refrigerator at home? A staple in my refrigerator is cooked greens of various kinds, a pot of soup, hummus and almond butter.  And, an assortment of organic vegetables from our CSA at Tipi Produce. 


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