Belle Fiori Employee Feature: Meet Cecilia

I’m so proud of our exceptional staff at Belle Fiori. Coming to the shop everyday is a joy and a privilege when working side by side such wonderful people. Which is why we were excited to have added to our Milwaukee team this year by bringing on Belle Fiori’s first ever intern! Cecilia has been with us since January and will be sticking around until April when she graduates.

Meet Cecilia!

Name: Cecilia Zea

Nickname: Ceci

Tell us a little bit about your self: I’m from Texas y’all!

Where do you go to school? Tarleton State University

What’s you major? Plant and Soil Science, with an emphasis in Horticulture

What sparked your interest in floral design? My floral design class in High School

When you were 10 years old, what did you want to be? A singer

What is your favorite thing about visiting Milwaukee? Seeing all the snow, this is the first time I’ve seen real snow.

What is your favorite flower? Orchids

If you could have 1 super power, what would it be? Super Strength

What would I find in your refrigerator at home? Ecuadorian food, arroz con lentejas, encebollada and ceviche


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